Why Offshore Your Web Development Needs?

Offshoring, or outsourcing work to service providers in other countries is an effective and popular method of cutting down the costs and leveraging the benefit of domain expertise at the same time. Many companies around the world choose the offshore outsourcing option whenever they need to get a work done that is not a part of their core business. For example, if your core business is providing economic advice to your clients, you would not want to waste your time and resources on web development.
Offshore outsourcing offers great benefits in terms of cost, technical expertise and better quality. It also saves you from developing your own expertise on skills which you can hire easily. Various reports suggest that emerging economies like India, China, Russia and Brazil have the technical know-how, labour, and infrastructure to undertake IT related outsourcing jobs successfully. The tremendous growth of the IT sector of [...]

Magento Go or Shopify? Compare and make the right choice!

If you’re planning to start an online shop, then using an e-commerce platform is a very good option, especially for those who do not have any knowledge about coding and want a readymade shopping site for their convenience.
There are lots of e-commerce platforms which provide the customers with various features and allow them to create a hassle free shopping website within minutes. Two of the best known e-commerce platforms used by lots and lots of people are Magento Go and Shopify.

Both these platforms provide an easy to use interface in order to facilitate easy setting up of an e-commerce website and allow the new business owners to set up their online shop in the cheapest and the best manner. However, there has been a long standing debate over the credibility of both these platforms and people have often compared them based on several factors. Let us see some [...]

Best practices for open source platforms

The number of online businesses is growing day by day and it is increasing the competition in the digital market. Most of these applications and websites are developed on open source platforms and thus, there are some practices which must be followed in order to make sure that you can utilize the open source platforms without jeopardizing on your website or application. Various open source platforms provide high quality services like managing the unstructured data of a firm, managing their online working, their applications and also their IT solutions.

The age of open source platforms:

It has been observed that the open source platforms are at par with the other commercial platforms available online. Platforms like MySQL, Linux and SugarCRM are free and provide a good platform for the developers to make their apps on. One of the biggest and most widely used open source platforms is Android. Countless number of [...]

Magento Go and Pro Stores Shutting Down – Get Ready to Migrate

eBay has decided to shut down two of Magento’s products – Magento Go stores and Pro Stores, just 3 years after acquiring the company. Both the Magento Go Stores and Pro Stores were aimed at small sized and medium sized online retailers, and by announcing to shut them down, eBay has clearly signalled that they are no longer focusing on SaaS customers. The two products served 10,000 merchants combined. Ignoring the needs of such a large number is a dumb move by a company like eBay.

But at the same time, shutting down these two products might be a good idea, considering Magento Go never actually offered online retailers the modern features. Support issues were also always evident with Go customers. For these very reasons, Magento Go didn’t gained traction at any time in the wake of competitors like Shopify who offer their customers great modern features, boasts of excellent [...]

The future of web designs: Five trends for the future

With almost all the businesses moving online, there has been a great enhancement in the importance of websites. Nowadays, people want their websites to have the latest features and use the latest technologies in order to gain more and more views and maintain a strong client base.

However, the increasing competition has made a drastic impact on online marketing and it is not easy to maintain a website in this fast paced world of Information Technology. The trends of website designs are changing day by day because of the introduction of newer technology and due to newer devices being launched.

Here are 5 upcoming trends which are sure to change the way the websites are designed:
1. The flat design: With more and more users adopting the tablets and mobile devices for surfing the web, the introduction of flat design is sure to conquer the market. Nowadays, the website owners do [...]

Own a business? Here are 5 best E-commerce software to take it online..

The advent of the world wide web has changed the entire scenario of global markets and the way we shop. With billions of dollars being exchanged over the online platform each year, most of the big brands and even the smaller businesses are moving into the digital market to make their mark and gain global acceptance.

If you’re a business owner and wish to take your business to the next level, then maybe it is time for you to make your move in the world of e-commerce. The best and the most economical way of entering the online market is through the use of e-commerce software. These software are designed to provide hassle free user experience for the business owners in order to give them the freedom to customize the looks and the content of their online shopping site without having the slightest bit of knowledge about coding and programming.

Let’s [...]