10 reasons you should have Shopify as your eCommerce Platform

10 reasons you should have Shopify as your eCommerce Platform

By Softpulse Infotech, July 4th, 2019

Everyone needs more time to go shopping physically among a variety of eCommerce platforms around the globe. Shopify has been continuously declaring its rank as one of the biggest eCommerce platforms that users are the most beneficial and convenient to use and provides market-proven solutions that will also help to drive your business. As you know, Shopify is a complete online selling platform with a low startup price and simple to use interface. With Shopify features, it’s a fully-managed eCommerce platform, which has the excellent stability of being both buyers, owner, and developer friendly. As a result, most store owners prefer to build their eCommerce store or sites on Shopify because of its rich features, flexibility, security, efficiency, support, and return on investment.

Hence, here we have put some of the advantages and benefits of using Shopify for developing your e-commerce website and ten reasons why Shopify is the best eCommerce platform for your business.

10 Reasons why I should choose Shopify?

  • Easy to set up and Use
  • Hosted Solution
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Security and reliability
  • Shopify Support blog feature
  • Manage store with your Smartphone
  • 14-Days Free Trial
  • Easy-to-Install Apps Available
  • Easy Payment Gateway
  • Shopify offers 24/7 Customer Support

Easy to set up and Use

Due to the easy setup and use functionality, Shopify has emerged as the first choice of business owners. And for developers, too, things get easy. And more importantly, no technical skills are required to operate and sell products through Shopify. With very little or less knowledge of coding, business owners can easily create a store on the Shopify dashboard. On the Shopify ecommerce store, you can quickly complete every task. However, to stand out from your competition, you will need support from the Shopify design and development team to create a unique consumer-friendly website. Our Shopify Experts can help you with that.

Hosted Solution

While choosing an ecommerce platform, one must choose between Hosted and Self Hosted. Shopify is a self-hosted e-commerce solution provider. You can easily download and run any software by yourself. In this self-hosted e-commerce solution, you do not need to worry about things related to the management of the server, security, uptime, and traffic. So that Shopify was the first hosted e-commerce website solution to use a CDN (Content Delivery Network). A Content Delivery Network is an extensive network of servers across the world. Currently, Shopify is entirely reliable as it hosts over 8,00,000 plus stores

Multiple Language Support

If you plan to sell your product/or service globally, Shopify is the best platform. Shopify supports multi-language. Users can access the website in their native language. Hence, the creation of a website in the native language is possible.

Shopify offers various plugins such as Langify (manual translate), Weglot Translate, and Multi Lingo. These plugins allow merchants to translate their storefronts into multiple languages.

Security and reliability

Security and reliability play a vital role in the success of any ecommerce store. As an e-commerce store owner, you must deal with sensitive information such as customers’ personal information and bank details. With Shopify, customer-sensitive information is secured by one of the world’s most reliable and secure servers. With the highest standards of security, your websites are protected by them.

Compared to all the platforms of e-commerce, Shopify is one of the perfect and simplest platforms. It can fulfill all the requirements of business owners.

Shopify Support blog feature

We all know nowadays, content is king. Content is one of your website’s best strategies to reach more customers. Blogging on Shopify is a great way to build the most desirable audience and generate traffic on your online store. On the blog page, Shopify directly allows you to add blogs on your site, and it’s easy to include relevant metadata and composer info and classify each page, respectively. Hire Shopify experts to build your dynamic and creative blog page.

Manage store with your Smartphone

Websites built on Shopify are responsive & dynamic, and it’s not only on the personal computer but also on mobile phones and other popular devices like tablets. In Shopify, you can easily manage your online store on your Smartphone. Shopify mobile app lets you manage your orders, products/services, staff, and customers from anywhere just with your Smartphone.

Shopify allows you to:

Manage Products in-app: The mobile application will let you upload your products/items images.

Process your orders with a few taps: Control tags and notes.

Respond to real-time information or queries: See live sales or visitor traffic.

14-Days Free Trial

You’ve completed your market research, examined your competitors/opponents, and are planning or preparing to build an ecommerce online store. Shopify offers a 14-day free trial to have a personal experience with them, and after 14 days, you have to choose a package.

So why wait and watch others leading and reaching heights of benefit from an e-commerce store? Make a start by registering yourself in Shopify.

Easy-to-Install Apps Available

When you are running your ecommerce stores with Shopify, Shopify’s own Shopify app store, adding apps can be expensive, but they can add so much value to your online store. Everyone knows today and most users prefer mobile for online shopping. As a result, shopping done on the app is increasing. Consumers can easily access your stores straight from their smartphones, and it will benefit you to manage your store on the go.

Easy Payment Gateway

Your store needs a secure and reliable payment gateway. Shopify has made a payment gateway integration simple as an online retailer you need to take into account that you give your customers a secure and reliable payment gateway. It can be a huge problem for self-hosted eCommerce websites but not for those who are using Shopify. Consumers should be able to use various types of payment options.

This platform has integrated various payment gateways option that allows your consumers to choose any payment method per their requirements.

Shopify offers 24/7 Customer Support

Shopify offers 24/7 customer support via open chat, E-mail, and phone calls. With Shopify, you can access one-point contact for easy resolution via the Shopify support team.

On Shopify, reply time is regularly on point, which indicates that you are joined in maintaining your website. No any topic what is your problem or issue, Shopify customer care assistance will give you the best solution.

In Conclusion

We hope that these ten reasons in the blog help you to choose the best ecommerce platform and new store owners, pay careful attention, and make decisions to improve your sites on the Shopify platform.

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