5 Essential Ways to Convince Customers to Buy From You

5 Essential Ways to Convince Customers to Buy From You

By Softpulse Infotech, April 22nd, 2019

Customers never buy because of product features. They buy because they look at some advantages to those features. Customer comfort can be challenging to measure as brands engage with their customers across various touchpoints.

As an online seller, you might think you have the best product in the world. But your prospects do not know that. You have got a wide range of excellent products, but attracting the shoppers requires certain efforts. Instead of explaining the features, try explaining the real benefits of your products to your buyers. It will attract more shoppers quickly. The brands are focusing on converting even the most reluctant buyer.

How to convince customers to buy from you? Here are 5 Essential Tips for convincing customers to buy from you.

Focus on the benefits and not on the feature of the product

The customers only focus on how any product is making their lives better. They mainly focus on the value they are getting from any product.

Customers always buy a product because it benefits them in a certain way. A feature is something that the service is or does. A benefit is something that the service means to the customer. Just stating the product’s features does not make the customer buy the product.

Example: Instead of saying that the pen has a felt tip, you could say it has a good grip. This will highlight the customer’s advantage and convince them to buy it.

Prepare appropriate and clear descriptions of what you offer

What kind of details might your customers expect? First, they need to know about the prices and methods of shipping. Remember to include details about restrictions, provided there are such. You’ll convince customers to buy your product when you offer a feature that makes their life easier.

Any customer would think twice before putting their card details. Even the smallest confusion in the minds of your shopper will stop them from converting. As an online seller, let your shoppers know precisely what they are buying. To increase the chance of sales, detail everything about your product and services. People will always welcome more information that can help them make informed decisions. Speak the language of benefits but be honest.

Tell them as much as you can

How would you feel if you quickly had to pay additional delivery charges for that theme you bought online?

Keep the customers in check. It is necessary to give them all the details to convince customers to buy from you.

1. Terms and Conditions

Whenever you are selling or providing any product or service, it is crucial to provide detailed terms and conditions (these are also called terms of service or user agreement). Before customers purchase a product or service, let them know all the terms and conditions.

2. Privacy policy

In today’s digital age, customers are protective of their private information. Millions are losing their private data to cyber criminals on the internet. Ensure your company’s privacy policy is simple, clearly informs customers, and is laid out for all consumers. You have specified your privacy policy correctly. Customers always trust your company and might increase sales too.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

Nowadays, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is essential too. More than just a product description & photos are needed to solve all shoppers’ doubts. The Frequently Asked Questions make your customer’s life easier. Make a list of all the common queries of your shoppers about your products. And make a detailed FAQ section on your website. It will answer all the customer queries very quickly.

Provide something more than the customer expects

Bonus or addons are the easiest way to increase the number of customers in your store.

All the customer loves to see the company going the extra mile. For example, a free upgrade upon purchase may delight potential buyers. At the same time, other incentives, such as gifts with purchase or referral rewards, may also convince doubtful shoppers. This is what Shopify does in its Shopify app store. Customers to see you providing a bonus with the product or service that excites them. As a result, the consumers will firmly and fully connect these positive sentiments to your brand, and the possibilities are you won’t be forgotten.

Use testimonials and make sure your brand is known for trustworthiness

Why not let your current consumers help you convince your prospects when building trust? Testimonials and customer reviews featured on your website & social media channels are a great way to increase their confidence in your business. Engage current consumers proactively by asking them to offer reviews and participate in brand-sponsored trials. It will prove their passion for your brand and increase consumer retention too.

If you have any certificates or testimonials for your business, make sure they are visible on your website. Boost your sales figures by increasing the trustworthiness of your brand. Customer reviews, certifications, and testimonials tell your customers that you are a trustworthy company that cares about its customer’s needs.

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