5 Ways to Get More Customers into Your Store

5 Ways to Get More Customers into Your Store

By Softpulse Infotech, April 19th, 2019

5 Ways to Get More Customers into Your Store

In the e-commerce business, customer penetration is very important. No matter if you are just getting started with your store or already established brand, without customers, you can not win the game of e-commerce. With the day to day busy life, the buyers are also getting attracted to e-commerce. Online shopping is the fastest, simplest, and most convenient way to fulfill all the requirements. And it also offers several other benefits such as best pricing, discounts, and a couple of extra perks. However, to attract more buyers to your store is not as hard as it sounds. Without investing a lot in it, a few small changes on the website may serve you huge benefits.

Without any customers, there won’t be any sales. And with no sales, you may have to close your online store. Hence, in this digital age, this question will surely arise. When shopping online is so attractive, how to get more customers into your store?

Please read this blog until the end. It will help you evaluate your store from the customer’s perspective. We have listed here the five most effective ways that will help you get more customers into your store.

  1. A beautiful online web store
  2. Follow up with your customers and contacts
  3. Social media activity
  4. Offer a discount or reward loyalty
  5. Protect your reputation & encourage repeat visits

A beautiful online web store

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The first thing that you have to check is the design, make sure your online store is attractive. If your web store is ugly, then it will repel customers.

You have to be aware that a visitors purchase decision is usually made just after 5 seconds on your site, so it’s the first impression that counts. Mark a good first impression. If customers do not like your store, then they are less likely to come the next time.

Unorganized content and unattractive visuals will never attract customers into your store.

Follow Up with Your Customers and Contacts

Customer service is a critical part of the sustained success for a business. It’s in the process of maintaining a customer that they make a decision about whether they enjoy the experience of interacting with your brand. When you follow up with customers or buyers and ask them about their experiences or, you reach out to them for positive and negative reviews, you are telling the customer you care about them.

Testimonials or reviews are one way to capitalize on making a big sale to a satisfied customer. This helps keep your brand front and center in their brains and motivating them to visit your store often.

There are many ways to follow-up, all of them being important in their own uniques ways one of the best ways to follow up with your customers is to email. It’s an effective solution to get customers. An email campaign is not just to let them know about new sales and product, but also about trends and other relevant things that are important to your business.

Social media activity

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Social media is one of the channels that give you maximum visibility in front of buyers. And more importantly, you are getting free promotion for your brand. And access to the internet has also got easier. Hence, more and more users are coming to social media. Its penetration has reached the point where it has evolved as a natural vehicle for building social connections. According to a survey in 2018, 80% of people used the internet for social media.

Social media channel like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other outlets allow you to direct interaction with customers in your market and it can bring lots of benefits too. Get started by creating a social media profile to take advantage and increase visitors into your store.

So what should you do to get customers using social media? Once you set up your social media accounts, make sure to post regularly at least on a daily basis, so customers can’t forget about you. Share blogs that are relevant to your industry. Choose the best channels for your business, but always focus on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, because those drive the most traffic to online stores. Use good quality images and interactive videos as they get 25% more engagement.

Offer A Discount or Reward Loyalty

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Establishing an online store will generally involve a lot of experimentation to understand what works best. The best way is to choose a goal for every campaign.

Better pricing does not always have to be dropping your prices instantly. Offering special buying opportunities to regular customers shows them that you value their customs and offering discounts and free goods for your online store. According to the survey, 90% of customers use coupons and, 80% of customers always look for a deal when shopping. Where presenting offers, discount and deals will help your online store achieve your revenue goals.

Alternatively, you could offer a scheme that rewards customers for returning. Just as you are likely to return to the same store multiple times because they offer a loyalty rewards scheme, your store will do the same if you offer a similar type of scheme. So you definitely want to encourage your regular customers to become loyal and repeat customers.

Protect Your Reputation & Encourage repeat visits

If you are like most of the people, you prefer to do business with people and organizations you know, like, and trust. Your customers do, too.

In the online and digital world of business, your reputation and reliability have become more and more important. Having a big reputation can be the difference between thriving and failing, and this can be intimidating: you can’t please every client every time. How to Protect Your Reputation? Here are a few examples you can protect your reputation.

  • Presenting Yourself Well
  • Employ reviews and address existing ones
  • Share things that are fun and productive
  • Checking Your Current Online Reputation
  • Have more online conversations with your audience
  • Say “thank you” more often

Hence to attract a good volume of clients you need a well-planned strategy and good ways to make them stick to your site. If you want to start your own store then contact with Softpulse Infotech, select the best company and start to build your online store today.

Good luck and hope these tips would help bring in some new revenues to your business. In case you are seeking to set up an eCommerce store, feel free to reach us now and hire Shopify development services from our experts.



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