Ecommerce Growth Strategies: 6 Key Tactics To Growing Your Ecommerce Store in 2021

Ecommerce Growth Strategies: 6 Key Tactics To Growing Your Ecommerce Store in 2021

By Softpulse Infotech, February 16th, 2021

Ecommerce Growth Strategies: 6 Key Tactics To Growing Your Ecommerce Store in 2021

The eCommerce business has proven to become one of the highly growing businesses of the 21st century. The user’s buying behavior is changing. They are looking to fulfilling all their needs online. Even the Covid-19 pandemic has boosted the eCommerce business drastically. The eCommerce will be the new normal in the upcoming years.

When the lockdowns were initiated, the sales of many eCommerce businesses were dropped due to the vanished supply chains. But now, as the lockdowns have ended, it is time to get back the control of the business. It’s time to work on strategies. Here we will discuss top eCommerce strategies that will help you grow and scale your eCommerce store in 2021.

Create Trending Related Products

Growing Your Ecommerce Store in 2021

It’s better to grab the opportunity. Create products that may help the user during the crises. If you sell grocery or essential products, create a special Covid-19 collection for your products. Start selling masks and sanitizing liquids. Fashion stores can also create designer masks to attract shoppers.

Many professionals are working from home. And are mostly wearing comfy clothes at home. To attract them, fashion stores can promote their lounge collection as a work from home essentials. The electronics suppliers can also promote work from home work station essentials such as laptops, computer parts, headphones, desks, chairs, etc. Regardless of your business, try to connect your product with the trending products.

Social media ads

Growing Your Ecommerce Store in 2021

The total time spent on social media, YouTube, and all other video streaming platforms is increasing. The total time spent on mobile phones is increasing. It is a perfect opportunity to attract your sales from social media and so many other business owners are already doing that. 

Create ad content that drives engagement. Even though ad traffic is expensive, but if it is done right, it can deliver results. Start experimenting with different campaigns. Start with less amount. First, test the waters by spending less, and then if you find it convenient, start spending more. Don’t spend a bomb on one single ad. Create multiple ad campaigns, and with time, you will get better at it.

Email marketing

Growing Your Ecommerce Store in 2021

According to the studies, email marketing has shown a 4,300% ROI. Email marketing has always been a proven tool for marketing. If it is done right, it can deliver great results. If you already have a good email list of satisfied shoppers, there is no reason for waiting to get started. Create the most engaging email copy, and send them to them. If you haven’t yet generated an email list, it’s high time to do it.

The best way to generate an email list is to create an engaging giveaway. And to get an entry in your email list, users will have to enter their email id. This way, users will enter their email into your funnel. And without applying so much effort, you will be able to generate a good email list.

Create special offers

Growing Your Ecommerce Store in 2021

It’s better to sell a few products with less margin rather than selling none. And in the end, who doesn’t love discounts? If all your strategies do not work out, it’s time to create a few engaging offers to attract sales. Create engaging offers on your products. And market it on your social media handles. Your followers will get attracted to your offers. And you will end up generating more sales.

Giveaway or a Freebies

Growing Your Ecommerce Store in 2021

Want to attract shoppers giveaway or freebies could be the best way. As a business owner, you can offer something free or with every sale. Bue to these you can get many reach, impression or lead generation. Nowadays the fashion accessories, electronic items, masks, and sanitizing liquids products are highly in demand. Giving such products as freebies will attract a lot of eyeballs to your business. And such offers will also be appreciated by your shoppers. And you will end up generating a few more sales too.

Support the cause

Growing Your Ecommerce Store in 2021

Supporting the cause is also a better way to attract shoppers. 

In front of your shoppers, this technique creates a positive impression of your brand. Partner with some charitable trusts or NGOs associated with Covid-19 relief in your area. In doing such things, you will help society. It gives you some form of peace of mind for doing good to society. And the shoppers also prefer to shop from the brand that cares for society. 

The final words

The Covid-19 has indeed turned the economy of the business upside down. But it’s time to fight back. It’s time to get back control of the business. Regain your sales figures with the above-mentioned strategies. I hope this blog will help you make more sales and grow your business in 2021. Thanks for reading till the end.

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