6 Proven Shopify Landing Page Optimization Tips for More Conversion

6 Proven Shopify Landing Page Optimization Tips for More Conversion

By Softpulse Infotech, October 30th, 2020

Any online business needs to have designers & copywriters fix their landing pages. The effectiveness of the landing pages decides the overall success of any online campaign. When a user lands on your landing page, it should be able to trigger users about the conversion. On the landing page, the user should feel confident.

The content copies and the landing page layout should guide users in completing their end goal. Understanding the user’s mindsets, use of fonts, color schemes, page design & layout, etc., plays a huge role in deciding the success of any landing page. In this article, we discussed why landing pages are so crucial and Shopify landing page optimization tips for more conversions.

What makes landing pages so special?

Well, the website pages like FAQ, collection pages, etc, i.e the pages that are designed to guide wide user spread are not landing pages. Although, they are also quite important. However, the landing pages are the ones, that are specifically designed to bring sales and conversion. The traffic will be directed to those pages for the sole purpose of closing sales. Hence they should be designed very strategically. They play a very crucial role in deciding the success of any marketing campaign.

In the further part of the article, we will discuss a few key tips for Shopify landing page optimization.

Identify your customers

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Identifying your customers and designing pages according to their likings & interests. If you are targeting college-going students, then do a quick analysis of their life. Identify their pain points, frustrations, and interests. Think about the way they talk in their group. And then design the page layout. Read their mindset and then write the attention-grabbing copy. Try to include things that can grab their attention in the content. Take all these parameters into account while designing the page.

Benefits features always

The sales can not be closed by talking features. Users won’t care about the list of features your product has. What matters in the end, is the benefits. How will this product make a difference in their life? Will this product be able to make the life of the user easy? Identify the key pain points that your products solve. Highlight them on your landing page.

Information overload

Users do not like reading long marketing content. Try to explain the whole purpose of the content in the first 3 lines. Don’t go with long paragraphs. If possible don’t even include much of the text on the page. Keep your copies short, precise, and simple. Also, try to highlight all the key information on the page. Highlight it using bolded text, different fonts, different colors, etc. Within a few seconds after opening the page, the visitors should clearly understand what the page is all about.

Have only one CTA on the page

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The whole purpose of creating a landing page is to drive a conversion. Whether it could be an email opt-in, add to cart, or redirecting visitors to a collection page, the purpose of the page should be clear. And there should be only one Call To Action Button on the page. Do not confuse your visitors with multiple CTAs. It will hurt the landing page’s conversion rate badly. Multiple CTA buttons will create a paradox of choice. And the visitor will end up confused.

Visually appealing page design

Well, It is a brainer, yet still, it needs to be mentioned. The fate of any new conversion on the page gets decided within a few seconds of the page visit. 94% of page impressions get highly influenced by page design. It builds up the speculation regarding the overall quality of your products & services. With a professionally designed page, the users will expect better products from the brand. And the better results will be visible in the conversion rates too.

Focus on headline & key images

No user will read each & every word of the page. They will hardly focus on the paragraph text. The main focus will be given on titles and images. And the main title of the page should be triggering. By having a look at the main image & title of the page, it will merely take 3 to 5 seconds for the users to decide whether the products are relevant to them or not. Hence make those 3 to 5 seconds count. Using the title and hero image, clearly explain what this page is about. This will surely have a better impact on your sales.

The bottom line

Well, designing a profitable landing page is not rocket science. And it is surely not kids play too. Keep all the above-mentioned things in mind while designing a winning landing page. Also, things like the precise user targeting, tone & language of the page, etc play an important role. We hope this guide will help you design a winning landing page.

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