Best Practices for Open Source Platforms

Best Practices for Open Source Platforms

By Softpulse Infotech, January 14th, 2019

The number of online businesses is growing day by day, and it is increasing the competition in the digital market. Most of these applications and websites are developed on open-source platforms. Thus, you must follow some practices to utilize open-source platforms without jeopardizing your website or application. Various open-source platforms provide high-quality services like managing a firm’s unstructured data, online work, applications, and IT solutions.


The age of open source platforms:

It has been observed that the open-source platforms are at par with the other commercial platforms available online. Platforms like MySQL, Linux, and SugarCRM are free and provide a good platform for developers to make their apps. One of the biggest and most widely used open-source platforms is Android. Countless developers make android apps and launch them based on this platform. Android works on most machines, so it is a good practice to use Android as the platform.

Other newer platforms have been developed to provide cloud computing services and take the technologies to the next level. Apache Hadoop and NoSQL are some of the new-age platforms that integrate cloud computing with the other services provided, enhancing the quality of computing and helping manage the firms that could use computing systems.

The best practices to follow while utilizing the open source platforms for your use:

Some of the best practices to follow while using the open source platforms are:

  1. Make sure you’re not violating the program’s terms of use. Always remember that the open-source platform comes with a EULA and must be respected at all costs.
  2. The developer must start working on a new open-source platform by making patches for existing apps and checking their compatibility with the platform in this way. After gaining experience, the developers can easily work on the platform and make their apps.
  3. Developers working on the open-source platform must be ready to accept all changes to the application and websites.
  4. Developers should keep the main code of the platform and try to add their modifications to make it work as per their requirements.
  5. Make sure you’re using a platform best suited to your needs. Different platforms have pros and cons, so we must consider this before making any other decision regarding the platform’s usage.

All of these practices must be followed by all the developers while using any of the open-source platforms to ensure that the working of the modified application is not hindered.

So, ensure that you keep all the best practices in your mind and work properly to ensure that your experience with the open-source platform becomes pleasant. We are Softpulse Infotech, a Top Shopify development company.

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