Top 5 Tips To Nail It When Developing Chrome Extension

Top 5 Tips To Nail It When Developing Chrome Extension

By Softpulse Infotech, November 15th, 2022

Google Chrome is a widely used platform for accessing the internet, and chrome extensions have helped users ease accessing the internet. Using chrome extensions offers a fast and secure method of accessing the internet. There are unlimited options for the chrome extensions, which are available in the market these days, which are very beneficial in adding more functionalities and making users quickly access the internet.

But all of these things depend upon the chrome extension developer, as along with their expertise, it becomes possible to give a new shape and design to the existing chrome extension. If you are a chrome extension developer, your main focus is making your extension great-looking.

Today, in this post, we will discuss it in detail, which will let you easily develop the best chrome extensions.

What are chrome extensions?

Chrome extension development

Before proceeding to the topic, you should know what chrome extensions are. These are the extensions that are important in modifying existing browsers and improving the usability features of the chrome extensions. The Chrome extensions are very beneficial in adding more functionalities to the chrome browser.

Besides this, chrome extensions are very beneficial in improving a particular website’s SEO. With the help of the chrome extensions, it is much easier to upload a small website, whether built-in HTML, CSS, or Javascript.

In other words, chrome extensions are very beneficial in changing the complete behavior of the website.

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Things to keep in mind while developing any Chrome extension

Whether it is about developing a chrome extension or anything else, some queries must arise in your mind. Here are some of the questions you must keep in your mind to design and develop a successful chrome extension.

Chrome extension development
  • What are the various problems that your extension will resolve?
  • How will the extension help the users in fulfilling all their needs?
  • How will you earn from your extension?

Keeping an eye on these questions and answers will help you with the primary goal behind developing your chrome extension.

Major aspects that you should focus on when developing a Google Chrome extension.

There must be a formal report which involves how it will work, how it will be launched, and the various permissions you will provide to the users to access the application.

  • How will you perform the life cycle of your chrome extension
  • What will be included in the package for the chrome extension
  • Steps to follow to develop a chrome extension

Keep your goal in your mind

When you are developing your chrome extension, then you should have a particular goal in your mind. Moreover, it would be best to focus on the various functionalities you want to add.

Always hire a team with extensive knowledge

You will get the best output if you hire an experienced team. Ensure that the group you are hiring must have worked on a similar project. To check their experience, you can also check out their portfolio and learn how they work.

Make sure that your interface is user-friendly

If you choose a user-friendly design, it will be easier for the users to use chrome. Ensure your chrome extension is safe, clean, and simple to use.

Pay attention to the users

User participation is significant to you regarding the chrome extension. It would help if you took care of the credentials of users. Use the local storage feature to store all the data. All the attachments will store their data in a centralized location, easily and automatically synchronized.

Have an idea about the security

Make sure that you should focus on the security concerns in your mind. Make sure that your developed application will follow all the safety standards.

Learn about the permissions

While developing any chrome extension, you must pay attention to the permissions. It will benefit you when your extension gets affected by the malware.

Always write code in JavaScript

You should always write code in the Javascript language. It will include all the features that you may need during particular circumstances. It will benefit you in loading your chrome extension entirely in just one run.

Pay attention to the testing

Testing is the final and last step you should consider when you want to nail your chrome extension. Moreover, feedback is very important to complete developing the chrome extension.


We shared some of the best techniques that will benefit you if you want to build the best, most secure, and unique chrome extension.

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