Covid-19 Crises: Start your Essentials Business with Fast Store Delivery

Covid-19 Crises: Start your Essentials Business with Fast Store Delivery

By Softpulse Infotech, May 9th, 2020

The Covid-19 crisis is destroying the economy at its roots. Our generation has never seen such a situation before. The Covid-19 outbreaks have affected human minds in the worst way possible.

Hence to help society and entrepreneurs, we are introducing the concept of quickly starting an essentials home delivery business. During the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, this is a new opportunity for entrepreneurs and small-scale business holders who are having difficulty surviving.

Our team will help through all the different aspects of the website. We will deliver a great-looking responsive website in the shortest time. And the business owners will only have to deal with aspects such as goods inventory & delivery system. Let’s discuss the concept in detail.

The noble cause

People need help to maintain proper social distancing at supermarkets and local shops. The business of essentials home delivery will help improve the situation. Our team will help you start your own online business of essentials.

We will complete all the work related to web design & development. You set up all the other things related to the business (managing your inventory, suppliers, and delivery system). And in a matter of a few days, your online essentials business will be ready to run.

How do I set up an online home delivery business?

We will develop the website for your online home delivery business and have covered you on the web development aspect. And also helps you prepare a professional-looking responsive website in a short period. And let’s discuss a few more benefits of having an essentials business.

You get into talks with the local wholesalers or the shopkeepers for your inventory. Also, set up a reliable delivery system in the locality. And attract the maximum user base with great social media campaigns too.

  • This business does not require a large capital. With a limited investment, the business can be quickly started.
  • At the time of the pandemic, more & more people will be drawn towards grocery delivery services due to safety & convenience.
  • Higher customer satisfaction would attract more shoppers (word of mouth plays a huge role).
  • You guarantee the hygiene and sanitation of the goods you are delivering. Which is hard to achieve at physical shops.
  • The shipping businesses are affected a lot due to the crises. You are bringing the opportunity of earning for shipping service providers too. 

How easily do users order anything through the website?

Essentials Business
  1. The User can simply access or view all the products easily.
  2. In this store, the user can also search for his/her favorite product.
  3. Then, he/she places an online product buy according to the uses. Payment can be done by digital mediums (such as Credit/Debit Cards, Google Pay, etc.) or cash on delivery (COD).
  4. After the users confirm the buy product, a notification is sent to the user about the confirmation and estimated delivery time.
  5. The product was delivered to the user’s home (address mentioned by the user while placing the order) at the respective time.

The process of store creation

Essentials Business

Ecommerce store creation is a lengthy process. But to fasten the workflow, we have divided the process into the exact steps. Let’s discuss them one by one.

  • Request for the store by contacting us through email or phone call. 
  • The eCommerce store will be created through the Shopify platform with a predefined theme. The store will be set up from start to end by us.
  • With Shopify, you will be provided with the admin panel of the store. All aspects of the store can be controlled by the admin panel. You will be able to add products through the Shopify admin panel.
  • With the Shopify admin panel, you can even set up shipping & payment-related settings too.
  • We will integrate your domain with the Shopify marketplace.
  • To keep the store operational, you need to subscribe to Shopify with their monthly subscription plan ($29/month).
  • Now, you are good to go. In a matter of time, your website will be ready to go live.
  • Here is a link to the sample store. It will give you a better idea of what your website may look like.

The quickest way of starting the online business

Essentials Business

A lot of things get involved in starting any business. It takes months to start an online business. But during the time of the pandemic, starting the business of essentials will be easier for you.

The following things fall into the category of essentials.

  • Grocery 
  • Online food delivery
  • medication supplies
  • All the above three in one place
  • You are the business owner. You may have better ideas than us.

The most important aspect of starting your online business is the website. We help you with web design and development. We guarantee the fastest delivery of the fully-fledged eCommerce solution.

You need to create a reliable supply chain for your business. Start negotiating with local suppliers and delivery partners. Develop trustworthy and beneficial agreements with them.

And keep your business around your area only, do not go beyond your reach. Once you get strong control in your area, start thinking of expansion. The local government bodies also welcome such initiatives.

The benefits

The perks of this business are endless. Let’s start discussing them through points.

  • Businesses around the world are suffering from extensive losses. Meanwhile, this could be a game-changing business for you.
  • No matter how worse the situation gets, people will buy essentials.
  • Rather than going out with the fear of infection, people can get the essential supplies at their homes.
  • The governments also support such initiatives.
  • You are helping society by availing such life-surviving items at their doorsteps.
  • Opportunity to earn while contributing to society.

How do I get buyers in my store?

Essentials Business

Any new business needs a proper marketing strategy. It would help if you determined how to attract visitors to your store and convert them into buyers. Here is a pointwise guide for the marketing of your store.

  • Have a well-designed website explaining why you are better than the offline options.
  • Increase your search engine optimization efforts by targeting local keywords.
  • Create a strong social media presence. Social media would be a great source of traffic & conversion if it’s done right.
  • Start collaborating with local well-known Instagram pages. And if you can afford it, social media paid marketing is also a good option.
  • Attract buyers by delivering a great buying experience. A satisfied buyer would bring you even more buyers through word of mouth.

For everyone out there, the current situation is tough to survive. Such initiatives by the agencies will help merchants start a new businesses. Even Shopify is also helping merchants with their business startup guides. Here are their latest ones guiding Indian merchants to start online business post Covid 19.

This article will help merchants a lot. Thanks for reading till the end. And for any inquiries about online grocery store creation, mail us at [email protected] or call us at the numbers in the footer section of our website.

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