Covid-19 Crisis: We Fulfilled all the Client Commitments by Ensuring Employee Safety

Covid-19 Crisis: We Fulfilled all the Client Commitments by Ensuring Employee Safety

By Softpulse Infotech, March 28th, 2020

The crises of the coronavirus outbreak have disrupted the whole world. The largest economies of the world and stock markets have crashed. The governments are finding hard times in controlling this Covid-19 crisis. Several countries have declared this situation a war and emergency crisis.

With sadly the thousands of casualties around the world, the Corona is one of the deadliest viruses the world has witnessed to date. Most major countries (United States, Canada, China, Italy, India, United Kingdom, and Almost every) face the longest lockdowns. The situation has worsened for all the businesses.

The humans themselves are the carriers of the virus. Governments are advising everyone to stay at home. Hence, we advised our employees to stay at home to stop the virus from spreading and for safety reasons. And For an organization like ours, the employee’s safety and client commitments are equally important. Hence we decided to operate through work from a home approach. “Stay Home, Stay Safe” stay home for at least 3 weeks, and don’t leave your home except for necessary tasks such as getting groceries or seeking medical care.

Below, we will discuss how we operated remotely and successfully implemented this approach for the first time in our organization.

The challenges

Corona Virus

A mid-sized organization like ours never implemented this work scheme. Several critical data, login credentials, required system setup, and the speedy internet connection was vital for us. The main thing was the office environment. For ultimate productivity and creativity, I needed a friendly office environment.

The creative discussion between the team was an essential part of our work culture. These challenges were hard to overcome. Emails, chats, conference calls, and video calls can not replace the human to human interaction. Hence, before employing this work scheme, all these challenges were the top concern of our top management.

The safety of the employees

Corona Virus

The workforce serves as the backbone of any organization. Positive minded happy employees are the driving force of any organization. Their safety and health should always be the priority of any organization because they are the ones who come to the rescue during such difficult times.

The top management already started taking the initial precautions when the outbreak of Covid-19 was in the initial stage in India. Already took the mandatory precautionary steps. Provided essentials such as hand sanitizers and paid leaves during the initial days. But as expected, the situation was getting worse. Hence, the organization adopted work from home culture to avoid other risks. They advised every employee to work from home.

We are always there to support the clients

Corona Virus

As we always say, customer satisfaction will always be our priority. We put the client’s satisfaction and query solution at the top of every situation. Our team values deadlines and commitments. We ensure that the clients always get regular updates on all their running projects. The daily updates and reports make them aware of their work progress.

Whatever the situation, the Softpulse Infotech team has always got your back. Our team is always ready to help clients in all difficult circumstances. We ensure each of our clients stays positive and support the situation. Our team will always support you if the situation worsens (we hope that never happens). Will always fulfill the commitments given to every client on time.

The fulfillment of the client’s commitments was also equally important

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If employees are the backbone of any organization, then the clients are equally important assets. Behind the success of any business, satisfied clients work as the key driving force. In such a challenging situation, we could not leave them. We need to give them some form of support. The client’s businesses also rely on our services. Hence without thinking further, we decided to work remotely.

Work from home: The time of implementation

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Making decisions was easy, but its implementation was complex. The implementation of work-from-home took work. Transforming personal computers at home into a fully-fledged work setup took work. Several vital files and data on the office setup were necessary for ultimate productivity. Still, they made it possible. The dedication of each team member was commendable.

The top management even paid for all the extra amenities and facilities needed for every employee. The CEO’s motivational words worked as the employees’ driving force. Everyone overcame their circumstances and delivered their best in such a stressful situation. The team proved that intelligent work, dedication, and team efforts could help us win the most critical situations in life.

A noble cause (our kind appeal)

The world is going through some severe circumstances. All those doctors, medical staff, police forces, and media professionals are working 24/7 for our safety. It’s time to show our gratitude. Here is a suggestion to help our heroes perform their duty even better. And also benefit all those who need medication and basic amenities.

It’s a kind appeal to all clients to create a custom donation cart for the Covid-19 crisis. Let’s help society by creating a custom donation cart at the end of every checkout. And donate all the money collected from the donation cart to charitable organizations in our locality. We are happy to create it for you.

A little donation by any shopper can save a life. Let’s work together and fight these crises. If anyone has even better ideas to fight this situation, we are happy to hear from you. It would be a pleasure for us to help anyone with our skill sets to fight this disastrous situation. Let’s fight Corona together and save humanity from crises.

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The final words

The situation of the Coronavirus outbreak is scary for every business. We are also affected by this situation. But as they say, every situation comes with a solution. All the operations, web design & development work, app development projects, and SEO & digital marketing-related services will be continued (unless the situation goes out of hand). Let’s hope for the best.

The team of Softpulse Infotech is always there to support during such a critical situation. For any queries, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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