First Impressions Matter: Why attractive eCommerce  website Design Is Essential

First Impressions Matter: Why attractive eCommerce website Design Is Essential

By Softpulse Infotech, March 25th, 2020

In the past few years, advancements in the web design industry have changed users’ day-to-day internet consumption habits. The users are getting a lot smarter. They want the premium look & feel of all the websites out there. After spending just a few seconds on any website, they start building speculation. An outdated, buggy experience of the website will only please them. And when you are selling any products or services from the website, it must be worth their time and money.

The eCommerce web design and development industry has reached the stage where a glimpse of their website will judge businesses. The winning eCommerce website design has become the basic necessity of any business. For any eCommerce store, things such as navigation, website layout, and color schemes matter. Read this article until the end to understand why an attractive website design is crucial for any business.

It helps in SEO

SEO is one of the most vital ingredients for the success of any eCommerce store. The search engine rankings help a lot in generating free organic traffic. Several web design practices determine how you post content on your websites. And it also determines the way search engine crawlers will see your content. And several other web design fundamentals also conclude your website’s search engine optimization efforts.

The website should be designed by following all the considerations of SEO. The website design helps a lot in determining your website’s on-page search engine optimization efforts. And if your website design is eye-catchy, the users will automatically spend more time on your website. Which automatically sends positive signals to the search engine. Hence with the low bounce rate, the website will get rewarded with better rankings.

It works as a sign of better customer service

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The attractive website design also works as a sign of better customer service. Imagine, you arrive at any eCommerce website with an unpleasant UI & evil design scheme, then without any second thought, you will leave the website within seconds. The unattractive website design creates speculation about poor customer service. The users automatically feel that this unattractive-looking website won’t give a pleasant buying experience too.

On the other hand, if your website is colorful, pleasant looking, and decorated with the most engaging content copies, then the users automatically feel that the website will deliver the best experience for buying. The users will receive help from the website throughout their shopping journey. Hence with the expectation of better services, it can generate more conversions.

It makes the user explore more of the website

For any eCommerce website, user retention is one of the most crucial aspects. Imagine you have arrived at a stunning-looking website. You will automatically stop there for a second and click here and there to explore more of that website. The same thing goes with your website too. If your website is appealing and a user arrives on your website unexpectedly or unexpectedly, whatever the case scenario is, they will indeed explore more of your website. The website’s long dwell time helps businesses achieve higher search engine rankings. And it can also help you capture those leads and leverage them for even better results. And the complete opposite can happen if the website looks unprofessional. Then the user will close the website within a fraction of a second. Which also hurts SEO rankings.

Beat your competitors to their knees

Beat Your Competitors

A well-designed website is a great strategy to beat your competitors to their knees. Imagine all of your competitor’s websites could be better looking. They are still using the old-style unattractive website. And you have come up with the most attractive website design scheme. The great-looking website appearing on the first page of Google will fulfill all the requirements of the user. And the user will not be needing to visit the other search engine results. And along with that, if you have optimized your website for SEO, you will also attract all the leads in your business niche.

Hence, you can create a monopoly across your business domain by delivering excellent customer service.

Trust factor & conversion

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When a user trusts any brand, it automatically works as a crucial factor in driving conversion. To achieve the trust factor with any brand, the first and the most deciding factor will be the website design. The design of the landing page will be the most deciding factor. The graphics, color schemes, content copies, fonts, and animation plays a huge role in leaving the first and long-lasting impression of the website. If the first impression of your website is excellent, that means there is more chance for the user to come again. And become a loyal customer of your brand. But for that to happen, you must design a website that gratifies users. If you are not satisfied with your website design, you should better hire an expert to redesign it for you.

Easy navigation for better usability

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As you are running an eCommerce store, you may have hundreds or thousands of pages on your website. Hence you should have a simple navigation system that can take users to different pages of your website with ease. The user should be able to visit any page of your website easily. All the important pages (contact page, about page, etc.) should be directly clickable from the home page. The social media buttons should also be directly accessible. The navigation helps the user to navigate easily through the website. And it also helps search engine spiders to crawl the website with ease.

Hence easy navigation is the most integral part of easy website design. You should start working on it if it needs to be better designed.

Wrap up

The eCommerce website design has become a fundamental part of any business’s digital strategy. With the engaging design, the user can rely on you. They can trust the products or services offered by you. The website design is the primary deciding factor for the conversion to take place on your website. In this digital age, all eCommerce store owners are trying their best to deliver the best buying experience from their websites.

Now, it’s up to you to tackle this challenge and deliver the most satisfying user experience. We hope this guide helps you understand the significance of a good website design.

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