Future of eCommerce: How The eCommerce Will Evolve In 2021 & Beyond

Future of eCommerce: How The eCommerce Will Evolve In 2021 & Beyond

By Softpulse Infotech, March 23rd, 2021

The evolution of eCommerce has changed the way people used to conduct things. From 2014 to 2020, the eCommerce industry has shown a 35.6% average growth rate. And still, the industry is growing at whooping growth. At this level of growth & development, the competition is also increasing.

Every product niche is full of thousands of stores around the globe. The marketers are in the endless search of new & innovative ways of marketing. Hence in the upcoming years, the eCommerce industry will face enhancements with the direct acceptance from the technology means of marketing.

In the upcoming years, technological advancements will directly affect the eCommerce industry. The marketing & the functionality, both of these key aspects of eCommerce will evolve. 

In this article, we will discuss how things will evolve, and where it will take the eCommerce industry. We will discuss the future of the eCommerce industry. So let’s discuss the essential aspect of it one by one.

#1 The mobile will be the deciding factor

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Before the last few years, eCommerce websites used to be the desktop first type. But in recent years, smartphone technology has seen a boom. And according to the states, 50% of eCommerce traffic is coming from smartphones. And it is kept on increasing. 

The search engines are also giving priority to smartphone users. Your website should work well on smartphones. All the important pages should load flawlessly on smartphones. The buyers are expecting the best experience on the smartphone. The eCommerce owners are investing a lot in making their website more and more friendly.

#2 The new era of marketing (video)

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The video has more tendency to attract attention. And when all the marketing minds, video shooting & editing skills combine, it results in the most engaging branded product video. With the rise of social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, user’s habits are changing. Apart from the most attractive product photos, product videos are also playing an important role. 

As per the reports, 60% of users prefer product videos over product photos. As an eCommerce marketer, it gets really important to fulfil the needs of buyers and keep them engaged on the website. Hence all the brands will come up with new ideas for video marketing and it will rule the industry.

#3 Automation

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Automation will be one of the very important factors of eCommerce. The marketers will focus on automating the whole business. The tasks of inventory management, order placement, order processing, invoice, billing, returns & refunds management, and supplier communication will be automated. The store owners will apply all their energy and efforts in increasing sales and improving the buyer’s experience. 

The automation will make things more efficient and error-free. The marketing automation software will know when to order goods, and what will be the right time to do it. The customer nurturing will even get even better. The automation will reduce operating costs & wastages. In short, the eCommerce operation will get more efficient and effective.

#4 The social selling

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Social selling will also have a big impact on eCommerce. 18.2% of users have admitted that they are comfortable buying from social media channels. The users are spending hours on social media. And when they see an eye-catchy product recommended by their favourite influencer, they would not mind buying it. The brands can not ignore the trend of social selling. 

Soon a higher number of users will start completing their buying journey from social selling too. The brands should better be prepared with their social selling strategy for the upcoming time.

#5 Put steps in the offline market too

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The offline market still has a huge share in retail than eCommerce. By providing the online as well as the offline option to the buyers, the store owners will attract masses to their store. The giants like Amazon also have plans to put their steps in building offline outlets. 

In offline outlets, visitors will be able to buy and experience their favourite products. The buyers have their preferences for both online as well as offline. Giving them the option of both will directly increase the sales of any eCommerce store. 

Summing it up

eCommerce marketers will find several areas for improvement. The advancements in AI, VR, IoT, and several more will also affect the consumer experience too. This field will continue to grow and holds great potential for development in the future. 

Here we have listed a few of the most important areas where there will be an improvement. And that is how the eCommerce industry will evolve. Thanks for reading till the end.

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