Holiday Ecommerce Strategy: How to Boost Your Stores Brand Awareness

Holiday Ecommerce Strategy: How to Boost Your Stores Brand Awareness

By Softpulse Infotech, December 9th, 2021

To reach your target audience in the highly competitive eCommerce market, your company must find a way to stand out. Understanding your target audience and communicating effectively with them might help your business grow and earn more money. In the eCommerce industry, Shopify is one of the top three e-commerce platforms in the world, with over 500,000 active stores as of 2021. While numerous e-commerce shops have found huge success for various reasons, the e-commerce platform they selected to run on is frequently a key element. Try these strategies, which will help you to boost your store’s brand awareness in holidays.

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is a word that refers to the degree to which consumers recognize a product’s name through various marketing channels. It separates a brand’s goods from its competitors. According to the niche market, how effectively a consumer can recall the said goods is also crucial. It’s referred to as brand recognition. When a consumer becomes obsessed with a brand, they reflect the brand and the product they connect with, known as Brand Recognition. Both of these factors contribute to brand awareness.

Brand awareness is the first step for a company in an industry or a niche market. On the other hand, brand recognition is a step further. It involves recalling the company’s name, product, and the overall impression one had when dealing with it. Consumers’ emotional responses to a brand are generated by brand awareness.

How to Boost Brand Awareness?

Give Personality to Your Brand

Holiday Ecommerce Strategy

Giving your brand a unique personality is a surefire approach to generating awareness. Giving life, quirkiness, and some out-of-the-box elements might put your business in a different league. This change of tune makes your brand or specific products unique and raises the overall awareness of your brand name.

Increase Visual Content

Holiday Ecommerce Strategy

Visual content increases consumer engagement by forcing them to wait and watch. Marketers may generate social media posts using engaging visuals, templates, and unique designs. According to a study, visuals increase engagement by 2.3 times compared to text alone. So get your imagination out and start brainstorming ways to increase brand awareness.

Packaging Under Your Brand

Holiday Ecommerce Strategy

Companies today recognize that introducing products does not create an effect on its own; it all begins with unboxing. It’s an experience in and of itself to create custom packaging for your company’s products. Everything from the logo to the color scheme to the wrapping and packaging leaves a positive impression. An emotional connection is formed by the way brands present their products, design, and develop relationships through branded packaging. It’s a great chance for brands to improve their customer experience.

Have Your Own App or/and Website

Holiday Ecommerce Strategy

Invest in a strong website/app development process to attract a larger audience and expand your business’s reach. The presence of a website assures your customers that they can reach you at a specific address and provides you credibility. However, if your company requires you to have an app, especially if you work in the service industry, it makes purchasing easier. Therefore, having an app or website of your own is a great way to enhance user experience, hence, better brand awareness.

SEO Impacts Brand Awareness

Holiday Ecommerce Strategy

You can help your website rank higher on Google using the right strategies and search engine optimization. Taking advantage of it pays off in terms of increased brand awareness. It allows you to reach a far wider and more influential audience. You may gradually win the race for effective SEO targeting by using specialized keywords and targeting. It’s a slow procedure but with various long-term advantages.

Influencer Marketing

Holiday Ecommerce Strategy

Please contact friends and influencers who complement your brand and, vice versa, leverage their reach and connections to raise brand recognition. It will quickly build long-term relationships and expand your reach.

Use Social Media

Holiday Ecommerce Strategy

Using social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc., to spread your message is a great way to do so. Sharing useful content and building stories establishes a connection with your customers and followers. To get started, create unique posts and engaging content.

How to Measure Your Brand Awareness?

Check Engagement

Check Engagement

Followers, likes, shares, comments, tweets, and retweets are all examples of social engagements that show how many people are interested in your business or content. You may not know their names, but it aids in the understanding of your data.

Social Listing

It’s a tool for monitoring mentions and engagement on social media. You can monitor who mentions you and use hashtags important to your business. The more people talk about your brand, the greater the effects will be in terms of brand awareness.

Use Google Alerts

You may use Google Alerts to keep track of third-party mentions. You’ll be notified whenever your name or brand is mentioned. It’s a great technique to measure engagement.

Direct and Site Traffic

Holiday Ecommerce Strategy

The total number of people visiting your website and reading your content is called site traffic. Direct traffic, on the other hand, refers to people who purposefully use the URL or keywords to find your business, implying prior knowledge. Understanding this information is essential since it shows how well your brand awareness campaign is paying off, how much more marketing you need to do, and at what scale


The first step in building a business that converts is to raise brand awareness. Many companies underestimate the value of branding and creating an effect, but it should be given more credit and importance. However, increasing brand awareness does not happen overnight. To be successful, your marketing team must develop a well-thought-out strategy. It may appear slow in the near term, but it will undoubtedly pay off in the long run. In a short time, brand awareness will aid in developing recognition and trust. When your present customers trust your service and product, they will assist you in spreading the word for you, which will work as indirect marketing.

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