The Ultimate Secret To Increase Conversion On Your  Shopify Website

The Ultimate Secret To Increase Conversion On Your Shopify Website

By Softpulse Infotech, August 7th, 2019

The Ultimate Secret To Increase Conversion On Your Shopify Website?

In today’s eCommerce market, the way to get success is to have a higher conversion rate. And online marketers just focus on getting more and more traffic and marketing their store online. And this is where they fail miserably.

Yes, acquiring more traffic on your Shopify website can help you increase your conversion rate. And the online marketing of your store will grow your brand awareness too, which can help you in the long run. But, it won’t help much in boosting your current conversion rate.

We can focus on the ultimate conversion rate optimization techniques. Rather than spending more time, money and resources on marketing. Our main focus should be on convincing visitors to buy products. Else the most of the visitors will leave without touching a single product.

By focusing on these techniques, the conversion rate will increase and more organic traffic will be driven to your website. You will see your average conversion rate on skyrocket high.

In this article, we will discuss the ultimate secret to increasing conversion. So let’s get started.

Easy user experience

Easy user experience

The user experience is the most critical factor behind the success of any store. Good UI & UX design helps the user to navigate through different pages of your website. Smooth and easy user experience will make the user explore more of your website.

Integrate product images & use product videos

Sometimes, we forget that why user came on the Shopify site in the first place. We distract them by showcasing different pop-ups and pages. The user didn’t come on your website to sign up for your newsletter or to follow you on social media. They simply came to buy a product. And as an online business owner, you should better let them accomplish that task seamlessly. Online marketers these days are so desperate to grab their attention that they completely forget the sole purpose of any user’s visit to their website.

product images

In brick and mortar stores user can touch and feel the product. It won’t be possible on an e-commerce website. The user will not be able to physically use or feel the product. The user has to make the final purchasing decision just by observing the photos of the products.

Good photography in a well-lit situation from a different angle is important, but the Inclusion of videos will help the user to make more informed decision. Many clothing brands include short product try-on videos in their product pages. It helps the user to imagine how will it look on them and shows more details of that product. A 30-second video can convert more users into customers so try to put videos in your ecommerce store.

Stores must have “LIVE CHAT” module


In this modern age, live chat modules are a must for any business. Visitors always want the quickest solution to their queries. Live chat modules not just improve customer satisfaction but also helps in customer retention. And just like a FAQ on any products page, the live chat button can also answer most of the customer’s queries very quickly. It helps shoppers make a well-informed decision.

Live chatbots are one of the most useful products of the latest technology. It helps businesses form a trusted relationship with the consumer. If consumers see a problem regarding any services or products, live chatbot solves the problem quickly. And by providing the requisite information, it can also convince the consumers to buy products.

If none of your competitors are using the live chatbot, it will help you stand out amongst your competition. If you aim to give the best customer service & deliver great client support, then live chat is the best option for you.

Highlight call to action buttons

Highlight call to action buttons

By putting more and more effort into creating the well-optimized product pages you should not overlook the significance of the CTA button. The call to action buttons of any Shopify store should be attention grabby and eye-catchy. It should look more clickable. Use punchy colors and designs for the call to action buttons to grab the more user’s attention and ultimately converting them into buyers.

For the CTA button use power words that can impact the user’s decision-making process. Use words like Now, Free, Instantly which grabs most user’s attention, and can influence the user’s mind.

Make your store social proof

 social media proof

Social proof is a strong marketing strategy that can easily raise your conversion rate. By implementing good social proof strategies, you can create a strong brand reputation, and generate brand influence for users.

You can show your social media following metrics along with follow us buttons on your website. Hence, the user will be compelled to follow you on social media as a large number of users are already doing it. By posting several engaging posts on social media, we can get good engagement and build a strong emotional attachment with the user. Now onwards whenever that particular user thinks of purchasing something online, you will be on their priority list. And ultimately it results in a higher conversion rate.

Try to showcase reviews for every product

Try to showcase reviews for every product

The social proof appears in the form of a real review. According to a study, 89% of customers read testimonials and online reviews when considering a purchase. 79% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. 69% of them say positive testimonials make them trust a business more. User testimonials are proven sales drivers or something the majority of customers will want to see before deciding to make a purchase.

From now on, your first preference should be to showcase real testimonials and user reviews on your eCommerce store. As an online business owner, you should make sure that your services are cost-effective and customers should be happy with it. Or else, bad reviews by them may hurt your business and affect your sales.


We hope that all your doubts to increase conversion on your Shopify website are answered by now. Follow these valuable suggestions on your running Shopify site, and you will see a boost in the conversion rate on your Shopify website. Please leave a comment down below, and share this article with your associates if you found it informative.

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