Magento Go and Pro Stores Shutting Down – Get Ready to Migrate

Magento Go and Pro Stores Shutting Down – Get Ready to Migrate

By Softpulse Infotech, January 8th, 2019

eBay has decided to shut down two of Magento’s products – Magento Go stores and Pro Stores, just three years after acquiring the company. Both the Magento Go Stores and Pro Stores were aimed at small-sized and medium-sized online retailers, and by announcing to shut them down, eBay has signaled that they are no longer focusing on SaaS customers. The two products served 10,000 merchants combined. Ignoring the needs of such a large number is a dumb move by a company like eBay.


But at the same time, shutting down these two products might be a good idea, considering Magento Go never offered online retailers modern features. Support issues were also always evident with Go customers. For these reasons, Magento Go didn’t gain traction at any time in the wake of competitors like Shopify. They offer their customers great modern features, boast excellent customer service, and are also known for their AppStore.

This news might be very disturbing for retailers who have been running their businesses on Magento Go and Pro stores. It can be challenging to migrate to another eCommerce platform when you have already set up shop on a particular platform. There is good news for you.

Shopify ecommerce development

The Shopify Migration Guide

Shopify is the best eCommerce platform, and we are the best Shopify experts. Aimed at Small and medium-sized online retailers, it is offering all Magento Go and Pro customers a great offer:

  • A free 14-day Shopify trial
  • A free migration tool
  • A 10% discount on their monthly plan if they sign up before July 31.

The migration tool offered by Shopify is a great tool that facilitates easy migration of all your product data, customer information, and order information. But it is a massive task that requires several resources and a tiring effort. It is always best to use professional Shopify experts’ services to ease the transition process.

As we discussed before, Shopify doesn’t offer its customers any modern features that come with Shopify. With the holiday selling season approaching at the year-end, you will want to migrate well before that to offer your customers all these modern features. You should also migrate well in advance so your new store is already indexed in the search engines’ indexes when you transition from Go or Pro to Shopify.

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