React Libraries and Frameworks to Use in 2021

React Libraries and Frameworks to Use in 2021

By Softpulse Infotech, February 26th, 2021

Every developer should stay on top of the most recent news and trends in their primary technology. The ability to learn and adapt to an ever-changing environment is the most important characteristic of a developer. As we all know, JavaScript is the ultimate example of front-end web development, and JavaScript frameworks were created to provide developers a better handle on UI design and functionality. React is a JavaScript library that is mostly used for front-end design and mobile app development. And it also widely utilized across a wide range of domains.

React UI libraries and frameworks are introduced, allowing developers to access new functionality. Development has become more versatile and creative as a result of these libraries and frameworks. Therefore, in this article, we have listed the greatest React UI Libraries and Frameworks that will offer you an edge in 2021. But before that, let us know what React and React component libraries are.

What is React?

React is a front-end JavaScript library for creating user interfaces and UI components that is open-source. Facebook and a community of individual developers and businesses maintain it. React can be used to create single-page or mobile applications as a foundation. There are a lot of advantages to using React and many reasons to use it in your project. It’s compatible with various JS libraries and frameworks, and it’s made up of standalone, small pieces of code called Components. These components can be used to make some amazing apps.

What are React libraries and frameworks?

React is a JavaScript toolkit that allows you to create beautiful user interfaces for both online and mobile apps. It easily interfaces with other JavaScript frameworks and libraries and includes components, which are short, reusable pieces of code. Because of their great modularity, React component libraries not only speed up your UI development but also give you a lot of freedom.

8 Essential React Libraries and Frameworks to use in 2021:


React Native Development

Nowadays, web development has progressed from the time-consuming task of customizing CSS and HTML to dynamic components with auto-generated styling thanks to the use of libraries. Rebass is one of the greatest grid libraries for UI components, allowing developers to concentrate solely on-page development. On GitHub, it has over 7.3k stars and 580 forks. This set of fundamental components is designed to help you create a stable user interface with user-defined sizes and design constraints. Rebass is all about rapid design and development, with a footprint of only 4KB. Through its compatibility with Theme UI and best-in-class assistance for theming, Rebass aspires to be useful, minimal, extendable, unopinionated, and themeable.


For JavaScript apps, Redux is a state management solution. It’s most commonly used in integration with React, although it also works with other React-like frameworks. For Redux, it’s now able to connect all components directly to the entire state, which eliminates the need for call-backs or props. With 20.9k GitHub ratings and 3k forks, Redux is also one of the greatest component libraries. Although it was designed to operate with React UI’s library components, it may also be used with Vue, Angular, Ember, and other JS frameworks.

Material UI

React Native Development

This set of components was created by Google to implement their popular Material Design. Material UI is a React user interface framework that was first released as an open-source project in 2014. It quickly gained popularity among developers as it sought to improve its flaws and release a better version. Material UI has almost 67000 stars on GitHub, making it the most popular UI package among all React libraries. It’s easy to use, light, attractive, and simple. Developers have been using it for a while, but it has grown in popularity as a result of regular updates.

Ant design

Ant Design is a React UI package with several heavy react components that are specifically designed for enterprise work. Before moving on to Ant Design, you should be familiar with React and ES2015, as it necessitates a deeper comprehension of those ideas. Ant Design is a Webpack, NPM, DVA, Dora, and Babel-based building framework. This component collection is extensive, and it has a large and loyal customer base. Furthermore, it allows you to position your UI components, resulting in a seamless user experience. This helpful React library supports ES6 and makes integration simple.

React Bootstrap

React Native Development

React Bootstrap is a UI kit based on the Bootstrap framework. It replaces Bootstrap’s JavaScript with React to give you more control over each component’s form and function. Every component is designed to be both needed and accessible for front-end framework development. Because React Bootstrap is so similar to its Bootstrap cores, developers can choose from thousands of ready-to-use Bootstrap themes. With over 19.3k ratings and 3.1k forks on GitHub, React Bootstrap is one of the most popular React component libraries. React completely replaces the bootstrap JavaScript.

Semantic UI React

The semantic UI react and semantic UI are comparable in that semantic UI react provides React components for design and semantic UI provides CSS style sheets. It is also a GitHub open-source project. More than 50 components are included in this React Library, including pagination, transitions, progress bars, segments, and more.


React Native Development

React Motion is one of the best React libraries available.  Spring configuration is used to describe the animation in this well-known React library. As a result, your concerns about complications and duration are reduced. React-motion additionally uses stiffness, damping, and accuracy algorithms to improve the flow of development within React elements. The React-Spring API connects declarative and imperative methods. Additionally, you can anticipate a shared, safe transition. On GitHub, React Motion has over 19.6k stars and 1.1k forks.

React Desktop

React Native Development

This library seeks to replicate the desktop experience for developers on the web. This feature distinguishes React Desktop, as it creates an exact replica of the desktop experience. You may do this using JavaScript to create true desktop apps and give them a new look or feature. React Desktop is recommended for creating desktop apps with little or no effort.

React Desktop is one of the best React frameworks for creating web apps that help give numerous JavaScript features, with over 8k stars on GitHub. Using the UI components from the React Desktop package, developers can effectively duplicate the user experience given by both Windows and macOS.

Wrap up

The list of React user interface libraries does not end here; there is much more to learn and explore, so focus on the library’s uses and features while choosing your tech stack or framework.

In addition, each of the React libraries and frameworks discussed in this blog has a specific purpose in the ecosystem. Your company can do simple JavaScript jobs by utilizing these capable libraries. If you can’t locate a library dedicated just to your need, you should seek support from skilled React JS developers. In case you are looking for them, you can contact us. We, at Softpulse Infotech, provide skilled React developers.



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