Why React Native is The Future of Mobile Development?

Why React Native is The Future of Mobile Development?

By Softpulse Infotech, September 18th, 2019

React Native is a framework specially design and develop for mobile application development. So many different platforms are available in the mobile application development market. React Native is the most comfortable and valuable platform. Its cross-platform functionality lets us create unique applications, both for iOS and Android ecosystems.

The mobile application development industry has shown outstanding growth in the Information Technology company. According to a study, by 2020, the mobile application industry will generate a revenue of $188.9 billion globally via app stores and in-app advertising.

The individual app development process for iOS and Android demands much time and development skills. Hence, the app developer community needs a platform that lets them develop high-performing and quality apps to fulfill the massive demand on time. React Native is an open-source framework for developing mobile applications for both significant ecosystems.

What is react native and why it is the future of mobile application development?

In this platform, React Native is the mobile application development framework by Facebook and Instagram. React Native emerged in 2015. After four years of presence in the market, it’s one of the leading mobile application development industries. This platform React Native, is written using technologies such as JavaScript and CSS, which makes it easier and more adaptable for developers. The native app uses a few building blocks, similar to iOS and Android. After app development, those building blocks are built using React and Javascript.

Due to usability and sustainability, React Native has gained immense popularity in the developer community. React Native has the fourteenth most-starred project on GitHub. React Native development is one of the top trending search terms according to Google trends. Here are the reasons why React Native is the future of mobile development.

It’s cross-platform compatible

React Native App Development

React Native was based on iOS. However, due to its demand and functionality, Facebook also designed it for Android. React Native allows developers to write a codebase that works on Android and iOS. There are a few situations when you need to be platform-specific. For instance, app designing on both platforms have different implication. The react provides platform-specific file extensions and modules. Those extensions and modules enable the apps to pick the correct file as per the iOS on which the app is running. It decreases development costs and time.

It’s open-source

Open-source projects or programs can always have the support of a large community of developers. They contribute a lot to making that program better. They work on advancing this technology. React Native also has immense support from large programmers and developer communities around the globe. They work continuously on making this platform better and bug-free and helping other developers to use it easily.

Functionalities offered

Functionalities offered

React Native is easy to use and learn. It highly depends on fundamental programming languages like JavaScript and CSS. Regarding mobile application development, usability, different gestures, sliders, animation, scroll acceleration, and keyboard behavior plays a vital role in app popularity. The user experience offer by React native is covered by different widgets that perform flawlessly. React Native with javascript can run the most complex applications very smoothly.

Most preferable platform by developers

Due to the features and functionalities offered by React Native, it has grown as the most preferred platform for app developers. They want to get familiar with native UI elements, APIs, and other Native features. React Native uses a flexbox layout engine for generating the app layouts. Hence, developers need to learn only one layout engine to develop iOS and Android mobile applications. In-app adjustments can be performed even when the app is running, preventing the need for an annoying restart. Hot reload refreshes the whole UI when any changes in the file are made, with another developer-friendly feature of React Native.

Immediate push updates

Immediate push updates are a significant advantage of using the React Native framework. This framework lets the developers start the app updates directly in the app without going through the app store’s update cycles. Hence, users can now enjoy the latest version of apps. The entire procedure of sending push updates is straightforward. Updates operating with JavaScript files and assistants can be updated using this feature. Only a few updates that require Native iOS support need to go through the standard Play Store or App store’s update procedure.

Reuse the same codebase

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React Native requires the same codebase for Android as well as iOS. React Native’s code has the same look and experience. Hence, it decreases the development costs and time for writing two codes individually for two platforms. It gets better for developers to develop an application for cross-platforms by learning only one technology.

Two major eco-systems are cover

Android and iOS, both major ecosystems, cover using the React Native framework. Both of these platforms require different skill sets and expertise for app development. Good knowledge of Java and Android SDK is essential for Android application development. Whereas, for iOS development, Swift and Objective C knowledge is mandatory. Developers must be familiar with all the latest features shown by these major operating systems. However, all of these significant difficulties are solved by the react-native framework.


React Native developers are the rapidly growing community in the mobile application development industry. Due to the vast libraries and plugins provided by React Native, the mobile application development process has become faster. It is becoming the go-to platform for the majority of app developers. The apps can benefit from the outstanding features of Native apps without suffering on the performance front. All this is within the finite time, cost and resources.

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