Advantages of Opting for Shopify for E-Commerce Store Development

Advantages of Opting for Shopify for E-Commerce Store Development

By Softpulse Infotech, September 25th, 2023

eCommerce has completely revolutionized how a business organization operates in modern times. Thus, setting up an attractive eCommerce store that drives in customers and generates loyalty within them has become essential. We have many platforms available that help set up an online store, such as Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and BigCommerce. However, Shopify eCommerce stores have become one of today’s most popular platforms. With its easy-to-use feature and many other benefits, eCommerce Shopify has something for everyone.

An overview of the Shopify eCommerce store   

Before we delve deep into the many Shopify benefits and its features, let us first get an overview of a Shopify eCommerce store as a platform. The platform, founded in 2006, became a massive hit worldwide. After that, there was no looking back. Today, the Shopify eCommerce store is used in more than 175 countries, and Sofutpulse Infotech is one of the best Shopify development company.

If we talk about the recent data, between March 2020 and January 2022, the platform saw an increase of 201.53% in e-commerce stores. Over 2.5 million online stores enjoy the Shopify benefits in less than 2 years. The platform offers more than 100 themes that are accessible in both free and paid forms.

Why choose Shopify as your eCommerce platform?

So many Shopify benefits are available, making them an obvious choice among merchants. Recently, especially after the pandemic and online business growth, it has become one of the most popular platforms for people looking to switch their business to an online store.

Let us understand some of the common reasons that make eCommerce Shopify such a popular place.

The platform has a user-friendly interface

One of the primary benefits that anyone gets to enjoy using this platform is its user-friendly interface. Someone who needs to be better equipped with technology can face many challenges when setting up an online store. eCommerce Shopify simplifies the task of setting up and managing an online store, even for beginners, without much difficulty.

The platform offers a range of advantageous features, such as customizable templates, an intuitive drag-and-drop builder, and a very easy-to-use dashboard. In Shopify, you can be someone other than an expert in coding and designing a website. This easy-to-use interface is particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs who want to prioritize their products and customers rather than getting involved in the technical aspects of website development.

A range of comprehensive features

The platform offers comprehensive eCommerce features that help manage and customize every aspect of your online store. With all the features such as inventory management, product listings, processing transactions, and completing orders Shopify has everything for you.

One of the most impressive features of this platform is its inventory management system. Any business can easily keep track of the entire stock of products, set up an alert system in case of low inventory, and manage multiple product categories. This feature saves organizations from any off-guard situations and maintains a smooth shopping experience for its consumers.

Moreover, the options for completing the payment, including Shopify payment, make the checkout process easy and increase safety and security. It is also relatively easy to integrate other methods of payment options to cater to the demands of a wide variety of customers.

Mobile responsiveness

Any online website needs an excellent mobile responsiveness feature to be competitive in today’s environment. Thus, the platform offers bright mobile-optimized themes that function and work perfectly well for your website to look beautiful on smartphones and tablets. Any organization can quickly check and monitor their sales, record their inventory, and respond to consumer-related queries from their mobile devices. Thus, the kind of flexibility that this platform offers helps owners easily manage and grow their business in the online world and stand apart from their competitors.

Ease of scalability 

One of the critical problems any business organization faces today is how to grow their business. As your business grows, you require a platform that grows along with it. Thus, to simplify this task, Shopify, as an eCommerce platform, offers different pricing tiers that businesses can accommodate at various stages of their growth.

It starts with a basic Shopify plan, then goes up to Shopify, and then there is Shopify Advanced, which consists of a range of advanced features and capabilities.

The ecosystem of the app

The app store of this platform contains a wide range of third-party applications and integrations. This feature helps to increase the overall working of any online store. Whether any business wants to add any social media sharing button, integrate any email marketing tool, or use any advanced analytics feature, an app will be available to cater to their needs.

The robust ecosystem of the app helps any online store meet its specific needs and requirements. A business can even experiment with various tools to enhance its consumer retention feature, optimize the sales funnel, and maintain a seamless operation channel.

Final thoughts 

In this competitive world, selecting the right eCommerce platform can make or break any business. Owing to the various benefits of this platform, it is even used by many popular organizations such as Budweiser, WaterAid, The Economist, New York Times Shop, Penguin Book, Bulletproof, and Sunday Somewhere.

The popularity of this platform is growing day after day. So, if you want to switch your business to an online store, a Shopify eCommerce store should be at the top of your list! Or if you are searching for a Shopify eCommerce store development, contact us now.

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