Softpulse Infotech Celebrating 9th Foundation day During Amid Pandemic

Softpulse Infotech Celebrating 9th Foundation day During Amid Pandemic

By Softpulse Infotech, September 2nd, 2020

On 1st September 2011, the organization Softpulse Infotech was founded. Nine years ago, on this day, the company was established by a trio of IT enthusiasts with the dream of creating something remarkable. And today, here we are. We have grown from 3 to 25+ strong. 

The organization has become the celebrated Shopify expert agency. With a huge international presence & clientele, we have completed 1000+ custom web development projects. And throughout the years, we have been able to generate a respectable portfolio of quality Shopify apps too. We have started trending in the top app section of Shopify too.

Without the immeasurable efforts, vision, support, guidance, and motivation of the founders, the journey wouldn’t have been possible. And of course, the enthusiasm, motivation, and hard work of the team has always been the constants for the organization’s growth.

The Covid situation

Unlike all the previous foundation day celebrations, this year was different. Unfortunately this year, we have to deal with the little something called Covid-19. There was no cake, decorations, treats, partying, office games, or any kind of in-person interactions. Rather than celebrations, the safety of each team member was the top priority.

Of course, we had celebration plans for this year too. But we were restricted to celebrate the day by staying inside the walls of the home. Until we can go out freely and enjoy ourselves, we decided to hold the emotion and celebrate the day through a Zoom call.

And finally the remote celebrations

The day started like a usual work from home office day. Everyone started following their usual routine work. But after 3 o’clock, a Zoom meeting was conducted. Not to discuss projects or explore ideas, but to freshen up the mind of the team. 

And certainly, it was much needed. From the 24th March 2020, everyone hasn’t seen anyone’s face personally. The organization was entirely being operated on chats, email, voice & video calls. And there were no birthday celebrations, office treats, and games. Even our well-planned outing trip was also got canceled due to the pandemic.

So coming back to the celebration day. Through the Zoom meeting, the founders acknowledged the team for their constant support and dedication through these tough times. And then, the online gaming session took place. 

The “Antakshari” session

We played “Antakshari” for horses. The mood of every team member got refreshed. The stress of the months gets disappeared within hours. The team members trying to be a singer on a video call was simply hilarious. The reaction of family members roaming around us at home was worth watching.

After the refreshing & fun video call, the CEO praised the team & their efforts once again. Expressed their gratitude towards the team. And gave a little motivational speech for the members. Every team member got a much-needed boost of enthusiasm, motivation, and spirit. 

And finally, the day ended with a great boost of energy for the team. This was indeed one of the best, fun, and the most uniquely conducted celebration in the company so far! 

Wrapping it up

The unprecedented time of Covid was indeed difficult to handle for the world. Anybody can get depressed by staying inside for months. It affects a lot on the mental state of the person. Apart from the risks of Covid, many can get mental issues too. Such fun interactions were indeed important for the team.

Thanks for witnessing the fun day at Softpulse Infotech. Feel free to explore our blog section. It has some of the most informative blog posts. And once again thanks for reading!

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