The future of web designs: Five trends for the future

The future of web designs: Five trends for the future

By Softpulse Infotech, January 10th, 2019

The future of web designs: Five trends for the future

With almost all the businesses moving online, there has been a great enhancement in the importance of websites. Nowadays, people want their websites to have the latest features and use the latest technologies in order to gain more and more views and maintain a strong client base.

However, the increasing competition has made a drastic impact on online marketing and it is not easy to maintain a website in this fast paced world of Information Technology. The trends of website designs are changing day by day because of the introduction of newer technology and due to newer devices being launched.


Here are 5 upcoming trends which are sure to change the way the websites are designed:

1. The flat design

With more and more users adopting the tablets and mobile devices for surfing the web, the introduction of flat design is sure to conquer the market. Nowadays, the website owners do not want pop ups and icons on their website to draw user attention and want to provide a convenient surfing experience on their website.

Therefore, flat designs are being worked upon to make sure that the website experience is maintained across all platforms and the users get a good experience of surfing on the websites.

2. Scrolling gets the lead

Websites with more and more content on a single page will be more prevalent in the future. People do not like to click on links to view the various pages of your site and want to know about all that you offer in a single page.

This change is also due to the introduction of Smartphone as people prefer to surf on their mobiles and scrolling is much more convenient in these devices than visiting different pages.

3. Responsive design

RWD (Responsive Web Design) is already an important aspect of website designing. The various benefits of this type of designing have allowed it to conquer the mobile website division and people no longer make a specialized mobile website for reaching the customers on their handheld devices.

Responsive web design ensures that the website is viewed optimally across all platforms, be it laptop, desktop, mobiles or tablets.

4. To the point

Since people these days are busy and nobody seems to have time, the focus is to shift from providing detailed content to providing to the point data to the user in order to briefly explain the various services and products offered by a website.

The main trick is to keep the design simple and ensure that the surfing experience of your visitor is enhanced. No overstuffing of photos and videos will be required and the simplest of the designs with good quality and to the point content will rule the market.

5. Incorporation of HTML5 based videos and other widgets

HTML5 has become quite popular and is largely taking over the new era of website design. One of the most expected trend change in the future would be of the incorporation of HTML5 video in the websites. Always Choose the best Shopify development company.

These videos can be run in the background of the website and allow you make an impact by showing all your strengths and talking about your services in the background as the user browses through your website.



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