Top Reasons to Choose PHP Development for Website Development

Top Reasons to Choose PHP Development for Website Development

By Softpulse Infotech, September 23rd, 2019

These days, creating an online presence for your business is essential. An attractive and functional website is a must for any business to survive in this competitive market. PHP is the most favourable server-side scripting language for website and web solution development. It can use for developing static and dynamic web solutions. It speeds up the overall web development process with a high margin. PHP offers easy creation of dynamic, reliable, secure, and efficient web solutions. The comprehensive web development process gets faster due to the tons of options and simplicity offered by PHP.

PHP has covered a broad market share. 83% of web services around the globe are based on PHP. Market leaders like Spotify, Tumbler, Wikipedia, and Yahoo are PHP based. The simplicity and functionality offered by PHP make it one of the most popular platforms for website development. From well-established brands to emerging startups, PHP is the first preferred platform for their IT product development.

PHP has gained immense popularity among the developer community due to its simplicity, quick turnaround time, customizable structure, affordability, and security features. The clean coding structure has made PHP the most explicit language the developers. PHP is an open-source language. The large community of developers is continuously supporting and upgrading it. Here are our top reasons to choose PHP development for web solutions.

PHP Open-source nature

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PHP Open-source Language

PHP is an open-source language. Licensing fees or restrictions aren’t there to use this scripting language. It is distributed under a general public license. So this is free to use, and anyone can use it to develop their website. Due to its open-source nature, it has broad support from a large and active community of developers around the globe. They are continually working to make it even better, customizable, and compatible with all the latest technological trends. The new updates and versions make it one of the most popular scripting languages.

Simple integration with the major CMS & servers

PHP is one of the most versatile and flexible scripting languages out there. Developing and designing a custom web solution is very easy with PHP. Several major CMS programs are designed and developed in PHP. Major content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are PHP based. It is compatible with all major Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. PHP can execute quite well on any leading operating system. PHP’s interface collides perfectly with MySQL. PHP supports most servers like Apache, Microsoft Internet Information Service (IIS), Caudium, and Netscape.

High Performing

PHP offers multiple functionalities, including multi-browser compatibility, cross-platform versatility, and secure web apps. In addition to its versatility, PHP provides many safe ways to add an extra layer of protection against viruses and security threats. PHP gives you maximum control over your website during the development stage. The website can design and developed entirely according to your necessities. PHP offers a limitless number of extensions for the simple development of any website. Additionally, PHP’s loading time is significantly less, which helps your web pages load faster.

Effective Frameworks

PHP owns a wide variety of frameworks. The frameworks help a lot in designing a flexible and dynamic website. The framework allows developers to design and develop complex web applications in less time. CodeIgniter, Symfony, Laraval, Phalcon, and Zend are some excellent examples of framework diversity offered by PHP. These frameworks are built with good modular characteristics, built-in support and strong support from the developer community around the globe. The developer community helps each other in the development of comprehensive web solutions.

Flexibility and functionality

PHP is an encrypted language that is very functional and simple to use. Web application programming with PHP can offer superior flexibility and reliability features. This scripting language can easily program with Javascript, XML, WML, and other programming languages. For all of the businesses that need custom web solutions, PHP should be their first preferred choice. PHP considerably reduces the total development time and resources, and your PHP-based IT product will start bringing ROI earlier.

Better website performance

These days, website loading speed is a very critical factor behind the success of any website. It plays a very significant role in user retention on your website. If the website speed is slow, the user will immediately leave the website. PHP offers an excellent turnaround time. Quick data processing features, customization features, and easy integration with various custom management systems. PHP code can quickly embed within HTML, which makes it easy for designers, developers, and team members to develop web solutions according to the custom needs of any business.

So many resources for simple web development

There is an enormous amount of tools available for developers. Devices are used to add specific functionality and features to a web solution. Tools speed up the web development process by a considerable margin. Apart from agencies, PHP has many dependent managers, editors, and documentation tools. Much documented content is available on the internet to cover several coders’ questions. And the vast support of the whole development community has always been there. All of these resources help developers meet their client’s demands and expectations.


PHP and its frameworks have shown phenomenal growth and popularity during the last few years. PHP’s cost-effectiveness, scalability, simplicity, and user-friendliness are just unbeatable. PHP has emerged as the most suitable server-side scripting language for developing IT solutions. If you want to create a secure and high-performing web solution for your business, PHP should be your first preferred choice. These were our top reasons for choosing PHP for your website development. All of your uncertainty regarding PHP should be resolved by now. If you still have any doubts about PHP, please let us know by commenting below. Thanks for reading!!

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