Walmart & Shopify Teams up together for Expanding their Marketplaces

Walmart & Shopify Teams up together for Expanding their Marketplaces

By Softpulse Infotech, June 18th, 2020

Walmart & Shopify Teams up together for Expanding their Marketplaces

On Monday, June 15th, 2020, Walmart & Shopify announced that they are partnering with each other. By the end of this year, Shopify’s sellers will be able to list their products on Shopify and Walmart both are the leading eCommerce giants. This strategic partnership will expand both of their online businesses. 

In this article, we will discuss how they have incorporated this deal. What are the key takeaways of the deal? How will it help both the giants to expand their reach? So without further due, let’s get started.

The key takeaways of the deal

Shopify ecommerce development

By the end of this year, 1200 Shopify sellers will be able to list their products on’s third-party marketplace. Walmart is one of the direct competitors of Amazon. More than 120 million Americans visit every month. Shopify merchants will be able to put their products in front of this large user base.

Shopify as well as Walmart will get benefited from this integration. Walmart will have a unique product list from the Shopify sellers. They will be able to cater to their visitors with unique products from Shopify merchants. The Shopify sellers will have more market reach. The loyal buyers from Walmart will help them increase their sales. 

Starting from the day of the announcement, Shopify merchants across the US will be able to apply to sell on If the Walmart approves them, their Shopify store will get synced with The functionality of easy sync between Walmart & Shopify will be enabled. 1200 Shopify merchant’s products are expected to be listed on by the end of this year.

List of things that the Shopify sellers will get access to.

Walmart Inventory & product management

Walmart will be in direct sync with Shopify. The Walmart Product, inventory, and orders will directly be managed from Shopify. The tracking & management of Walmart products & orders will be done with ease from Shopify itself.

Bulk product listing & editing functionality

Shopify has made sure that its merchant does not go through the hassle of manually listing every single product from their hundreds or thousands of products worth catalog. They have enabled the functionality of bulk product listing & editing.

No additional charges

The Shopify merchants on are not required to pay any extra fees. There only is a referral amount when they make sales.

For Shopify merchants: How to apply & install Walmart marketplace?

Walmart & Shopify

The process of integrating with Walmart is simple. At first, the merchants are required to get the approval of selling from Walmart. Once the merchants get eligibility from Walmart, they will become certified Walmart sellers.

Below there are a few prerequisites for the businesses to get eligibility from Walmart.

  • The merchant should be a US-based business with the US tax ID.
  • The merchant should Have UPC or GTIN codes for their products.
  • The product should meet the Walmart eligibility criteria.
  • The merchants should also meet Walmart service requirements.

The benefits for the merchants & end-users

Walmart & Shopify

The Shopify is empowering merchants across the US region. The new integration of Shopify and Wallmark brings the two giants together. In the end, the merchants will be able to grow their business. They will have more reach on Walmart.

The merchants will be able to achieve better figures. The end consumers of Walmart will also get the unique product from Shopify merchants on their favorite platform.

The merger will challenge the dominance of Amazon

Walmart & Shopify

Amazon is the biggest eCommerce giant in the world. And in the US, Amazon & Walmart both are the strong competitors of each other. The integration of Walmart and Shopify will grow both of their online business. 

Shopify is already powering more than one million medium & small-sized businesses. They provide all the necessary eCommerce tools for their merchants. Their lowest monthly plan starts at just $29. And the deal will also increase the third party marketplace of Walmart too.

The US’s eCommerce business is growing like never before. And with this new deal, Walmart will serve their shoppers better. More unique & premium products from the Shopify merchants will be availed to Walmart end-user. And it will also empower the small & medium-sized Shopify eCommerce sellers.

The final words

The integration of Walmart & Shopify will surely increase the reach of both companies. Both the eCommerce giants will have their fair chance to grow their market places. Shopify merchants will be able to tap an even larger user base on the Walmart marketplace. Ther deal will empower the small & medium-sized businesses. And the loyal customers of Walmart will also have a better option for shopping. Here we have included all leading aspects of Shopify & Walmart integration.

And if you need any help with your Shopify business, we are here to help. We are the Shopify plus experts we deliver the one-stop solution for all things related to Shopify. We can help you with Shopify design, development, marketing, and any tiniest or the most complex issues of Shopify. For any business inquiries, get in touch with us at And yes, thanks for the reading till the end.



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