Web Push Notification: How to Decide the Best Time for the Highest Conversions?

Web Push Notification: How to Decide the Best Time for the Highest Conversions?

By Softpulse Infotech, June 2nd, 2020

A web-push notification has become the most important marketing channel for any online business. Without even annoying your prospect, you can generate engagement for your brand. The success rate of web push notifications is higher than email, SMS, or any other form of marketing.

While sending the web push notification, the consideration of creative thinking, notification timing, interest & liking of the users, and several other things help the marketers improve the results by a considerable margin. And out of all these factors, notification timing holds the highest value.

Timing is the key determining factor of conversion in any online marketing campaign. In marketing, the right message to the right user at the right time can show you incredible results. The wrong message to the user at the wrong time may frustrate the user. And you may even lose your prospective buyer.

With the push notification functionality, marketers can send messages effectively and at the desired time. Hence the timing for the notification is critical for the conversion to happen. Let me explain the importance of notification timing by showing you an even better example.

Why does timing matter a lot?

The 35% of web push notifications are generic, sent using the broadcast blasts. And over 50% of users find web push notifications useless. The reason is simple. The primary reason behind this perception is the irrelevant notification to the wrong user at the wrong time. For web push notifications, timing plays a crucial role.

The timing of the notification determines the success of the marketing campaign. The notification will get wasted if you send the fashion store discount notification at 9:30 in the morning. The majority of the users will be leaving for their work or will be busy with their daily tasks in the morning. Hence there is less probability of clicks.

If the frequency of such notifications continues for the next few more days, the user may get frustrated and might even unsubscribe from your notification list. So in this post, we will understand the factors to determine the best timing for your web push notification. Now, let’s talk about each of the points one by one.

The timezone of your subscribers

With the advancement of technology, several businesses are operating from other countries. And their target audience lives in the other ones. In such situations, the notification timing colliding may happen.

You may send them the notification while they are sleeping or complete irrelevant notifications at an inappropriate time. Hence the whole purpose of marketing gets destroyed.

You need a notification scheduling system to help you send notifications at the most appropriate time for the users. The real-time notification scheduling system can make a huge difference for your users and the conversion.

Web Push Notification

Day of the notification

The day of the notification matters a lot too. The notification a few hours or a day before launching a new product, sales, or service can deliver great results.

Let’s take the example of a coffee delivery website. They are launching a new blend of Coffee on a Friday at noon and offering 50% off on the same product for the next 12 hours.

The next notification should be sent within a few hours of the offer. And one more notification should be sent during the offer time. In such case scenarios, the ideal time to send a notification would be around the evening of Thursday.

And in such time-based offers, we can leverage the best results from the mobile device. Hence your website should be well-optimized for mobiles too. The notification sent before the week of the offer does not make any sense. The user would not even remember such notifications.

How many are enough (Frequency)?

Apart from the notification timing, the frequency also matters a lot. The exact answer to the total number of notifications varies from business to business.

During sales and offers, you can send multiple notifications. And during normal days, you can send a notification to recover the abandoned cart. And you can also send heads-ups or customer win-back notifications to grab users’ attention.

And can also understand the behavior of the users better. The repeated marketing notification for any services will make users uninterested in your products. On the other hand, only two notifications throughout the week will keep users attached to your brand.

And a bonus tip, you can leverage the text messages on regular days too!!

Industry-wise notification frequency chart

Below is the infographic showcasing the best notification frequency for the top eCommerce niches. We have also mentioned the best day and time of the week that can deliver the highest conversion. Utilize this data for your business to achieve the optimum results.

Timing to post web push notification

Time-based notification titles

The content is also the most crucial part of web push notifications. The number of characters in the headline of the notification is limited. Try to make the most out of it.

If you send a time-based notification, then use the words such as good morning, happy Sundays, it’s lunchtime, and time to go home. The possibilities are limitless.

Apply your marketing mind to it. Be creative with the content and the graphics of your notification. Deliver the notification with the specific time-based headline, and get the maximum click rate and engagement.

Leverage the Analytics

You can also leverage analytics data to determine the best time for the web push notification. Whatever platform you use, every web push notification service provider gives some form of analytics facility in their notification settings.

You can use analytics data to select the best timing for your web push notification. Understand the behavior of your subscribers to your services. Track your performance according to the average click rates of your previous notification campaigns.

If you start the push notification functionality for your website, it will behave like a hit or miss, but with some experience, you will get better with this marketing channel.

How can you implement web push notification functionality?

The team of Softpulse Infotech has created a Shopify app called Notifier ‑ Smart Web Push. The notification app features all the leading functionality to deliver the best web push notification functionality for Shopify store owners. Here we present the best way to support web push notifications functionality for Shopify.

You can download the app from the Shopify app store. The app can send notifications for several events of eCommerce. Below we have mentioned the leading types of notification settings available in the app.

  • Welcome push notifications
  • Abandoned cart recovery notification
  • Shipping details related to notification
  • Price drop-related flash notification
  • Abandoned browser (chrome, firefox) recovery notification
  • Customer win-back notification
  • Customized marketing campaigns for the targeted audience

The Shopify app offers support for push notifications for iPhone, Android, and chrome firefox browser support. The Notifier ‑ Smart Web Push API tracks the behavior of users in real-time and delivers the most beneficial results for Shopify eCommerce store owners.

The campaign creation process is straightforward. The campaigns can be monitored and created from the campaigns tab of the app. Below is an example of the new campaign creation form in the app. After filling up all the details, you can create a custom notification campaign.

web push notification

The Notifier: Smart Web Push application offers great functionalities for any Shopify eCommerce store. The app supports web push notifications for customized marketing campaigns too. Try the free version of the app to experience the functionality offered by the app.

Here is the live demo of the web push notification for our users. We have even implemented a live demo of the web push notification. The user needs to enter the content copies of the notification, and there will be a live demo on Windows, Mac, and Mobile. Open this link to see the live demo of the web push notification.

Wrap up

The web push notification has proven to be the best marketing channel for online marketers. The marketers can directly hit the locked screen of the users. The perfect timing of the notification depends on several factors. As a marketer, be creative with it.

Observe how the push notifications are delivered. And how are the users behaving? Use your analytic ability to select the most suitable time to send the notifications. And leverage the best results out of it. I hope this guide will help you in improving the sales of your business.

Observe how the push notifications are delivered. And how are the users behaving? Use your analytic ability to select the most suitable time to send the notifications. And leverage the best results out of it.

Thanks for reading till the end. We hope to see you around for our next posts, too. Want to build a custom Shopify app and web? Contact us now. We are the top Shopify app development company.

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