Web Push Notification: The Best Marketing Strategies to grow your Shopify Store

Web Push Notification: The Best Marketing Strategies to grow your Shopify Store

By Softpulse Infotech, January 31st, 2020

Web Push Notification: The Best Marketing Strategies to grow your Shopify Store

With the highest competition in the eCommerce industry, every day, the new ways of marketing are coming into existence. At this time, the web push notification comes into existence. This way of communication has a better click rate than email. It directly reaches the computer & mobile screens of the user. It works as the direct tool of marketing for any website. Now, before getting into the marketing strategies to create a perfect push notification, let us give you a brief intro about web push notification and why you need to use it for your Shopify eCommerce store.

About web push notification

The web/browser push notification is the message we receive from our web browsers. They work identically to the mobile app notifications. But instead of apps, they come directly from the web browser. Currently, this functionality is available in Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge browser. And this functionality is available on all the devices too (Computers, mobile, tablets).

Why you need to use push notification for your eCommerce store

The website push notifications are a great way to attract users by showing them a likable message in their browser. When a user arrives for the first time on your website, just after checking out your products and prices, they leave the website. If you enable the web push notification functionality on your website, they may subscribe to it. And during the sales, offers, and the price drops, you can reconnect with them with appealing notification. 

The website push notification is a great way to connect with users and obtain exceptional engagement from them. The best part is the web push notification can be sent to the users even when they are not active on your website. They are a great way to retain your users and increase your eCommerce conversion from it. The marketers can leverage this functionality to notify their users of the following circumstances.

  • New products, sales, offers, and discount alerts
  • Alerts for new blog posts and latest content
  • Live updates of sports, news, traffic or weather
  • Notification according to the need & niche of your website
  • The personalized notification according to the likings of the user for the better engagement

How can you set it up on your Shopify store?

Well, we have got you covered for that too. Implementing functionality in your Shopify store is quite easy. We have created the Notifier ‑ Smart Web Push Shopify app. This app helps you in sending all kinds of push notification for your Shopify store. Without applying much of the technicalities, you can easily send a variety of browser notification for your e-commerce store.

The competition in the e-commerce industry is growing, and we have created a sequence of engaging notifications for building engagement with buyers. You can set up the automated chain of notifications for various events.

  • Welcome notification
  • Notification for abandoned cart
  • Notification for order shipping
  • Sales or discounts alerts
  • Customer win-back
  • Customized marketing campaigns for the targeted audience

Moreover, this app automatically classifies your subscribers and target them with customized notifications. Now, we will discuss a few of the most effective marketing strategies to grow your Shopify e-commerce store using web push notification functionality.

The various sections of web push notification

Before creating the web push notification for your website, you should understand the various sections of it. In the image give down below, we have divided the web push notification into different parts. Let’s discuss each part and its significance in detail.

Web Push Notification App

Push title

The title works as the face of the push notification. The title should describe the subject of the notification in the most effective manner. With the most engaging title lines, the maximum user clicks can be driven to your website. Use lines such as “exclusive offer just for you” or “60% off for an hour only”.

Push message

The push message should describe the push title with some more additional details or further information about your offers. The text in push title should be a short, simple, & precise. 


When we chat with someone, we use emoji to express our moods. The same thing goes with push notification too. Notification with emoji has 85% more chance to attract attention as well as a click from the user. Use emojis for your notification, and get the best benefits out of it.

Website icon

The website logo in your notification. The website logo will instantly make your subscribers remember your brand.

Notification image

Currently, the functionality of the notification image is available for the chrome web browser only. It is a graphical representation of your notification. The image can attract more users to click on your notification. Use this functionality to the fullest for your website.

Call to action button

And finally, the most crucial part of the notification is a call to action button. Click on this button will take the user to the landing page of your website. By using the punchy colors for the CTA button, it will directly attract the attention of the user.

How to grow your eCommerce store with push notification?

Customized Notification: The Key to Conversion

Web Push Notification App

With the web push notification, the customization is a key to success. You need to send it to the right targeted users. Without user targeting, you won’t get good results. The web push notification comes with the functionality of diverse user targeting. You can target the customers with the most exciting notification according to their likings. Track the user’s behavior with your website. Track kind of the products they are visiting on your website. Consider their demographics, age, several other factors according to your business, and create the different categories of users. And prepare the most relatable and engaging custom push notification for each of your categories. You can let your buyers feel a personal connection with your brand. You can show them what they want. And with the most appealing texts & photos, you can create an urge to buy your products. Targeted notifications can create wonders for your business.

The Engaging Texts

Web Push Notification App

The push notification comes with the 40-100 character limits. Hence it gets extremely crucial to write it crisp, precise, and engaging. The primary goal of sending push notification should be to drive clicks through it. Hence, it should be attractive. It should offer what your buyers needs. Identify the needs of your buyers and write the most engaging notification copy out of it. It should be able to influence your buyers to click on it. Write lines with the most engaging words. Be clear on what you are saying. The buyers are busy with their life. They won’t spare time to read your notification unless it is conveying your message clearly from the start. Express your message precisely & clearly to them and get the best results out of it.

Hit Them at the Right Time

Web Push Notification App

Just like the content of the notification, the timing also matters the most. The marketers these days give all their efforts into creating the most engaging push notification. But they ignore this most critical aspect. And for the store with an international presence, it gets very crucial. The international user base will have other timezones. And you need to send notification according to their time zones. And another relevant thing is to send it according to the mood of your users. If you are preparing a notification about the latest offers, sales, or discounts, the most suitable time would be weekends or evenings. During the evenings or weekends, the user’s minds will be resting mode. Apply your marketing mind to it, and select the best time for your web push notification.

Don’t Go Overboard with Notifications

Web Push Notification App

Out of all other ways of eCommerce marketing, the push notification hit the users directly on their screens. This means it connects with them directly from their computer screens. If you are continuously sending any random notifications to your subscribers, they are more likely to get annoyed. You should be careful with the frequency of your push notification. With the data on your click rates, on-page time, and bounce rates, you can conclude how your users are behaving with this functionality. And according to which, you can define the frequency of it. Continuous notifications may make the user unsubscribe from this functionality. And it may also create a bad brand image in the mind of your buyers too. Hence, study your analytics, and select the most convenient frequency of push notification for your users.

Create the Need and Urgency

Web Push Notification App

As a marketer, we know how the marketing industry works. Instead of explaining functionality, give them a strong reason to buy your products. Draw the buyer’s attention with funny lines and references to popular movies and TV shows. If you are marketing for thermal wear products, pitch them with lines such as “brace yourself, winter is coming”. And more importantly, create the urgency of your products. Rather than showing them offers, make them aware of their potential loss. Let them know, after a limited time, they won’t be able to buy this particular product at such a discounted price. Create limited-time offers for your brand. The urgency is proven to be the best driver of conversion. Increase your conversion with it.


From the launch of web browser push notification functionality for web browsers, it is proven to be one of the best ways of marketing. They can be used as a direct tool of communication connecting the subscribers with the website. The more creative you get with web push notification, the better the results it will deliver. If you pay full attention to all the above strategies for web push notification, this functionality is proven to be one of the best drivers of conversion. Leverage this functionality to the fullest and achieve great results for your business.

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