Whatsapp Integration Process for Ecommerce Business by Shopify Experts

Whatsapp Integration Process for Ecommerce Business by Shopify Experts

By Softpulse Infotech, February 14th, 2024

Ecommerce businesses are the new business norm these days. Nobody wants to waste time shopping offline when the same products can be bought online at higher discounts and less hassle. Digitized experiences are what all customers are looking for. And social media platforms are now more than just platforms for display. They can be used for all communication between B2B and B2C and marketing. The most commonly used application for instant communication these days is WhatsApp; when used tactfully, the new WhatsApp business feature can take your business to new skies of success in no time.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is one of the most trustworthy platforms for B2B business. For small-scale e-commerce platforms who dream big and want to make it to the top, Shopify is the one-stop destination that can provide them with all the necessary guidance and e-commerce development services to turn that dream into reality. Unlike other B2B businesses specializing in a few services, Shopify boasts absolute efficiency in the business world. Choosing Shopify is like choosing success because they will know exactly what you need and guide you.

What is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is the new version of WhatsApp, wherein WhatsApp can act as an e-commerce platform. With WhatsApp business, products can be bought, sold, and marketed with utmost ease and efficiency. Unlike the normal applications that people all around the world use for instant communication,

WhatsApp business works for more than just communicating with customers. If curated properly, it makes the whole eCommerce shopping experience memorable for the users. It has its specific features unique to its business version, and entrepreneurs with the right vision can easily make the most out of the opportunity offered.

Why are eCommerce development services important?

E-commerce platforms are threatened by endless competition in today’s fast-moving fast-moving world, To ensure that customers always choose one e-commerce platform over the other, the products and services offered by the same must be top-notch. B2B businesses like Shopify ensure the following:

  • They look for loopholes in your business and try to help you fix them with innovative guidance and quick fixes.
  • Their business plans are foolproof and reliable owing to their experience in dealing with numerous businesses at all given points of time.
  • They can be sought to provide help not just if your business is a new launch but also if it is an already established one. They always have tricks to help make anything better–even the best.
  • E-commerce development services are not just for people with big dreams but also for those businesses that want to create a small mark for themselves in the field.
  • They offer frontend and backend support along with coding experts and their team of technical geniuses.
  • They offer new strategies to increase your numbers and to further your reach among customers all over the world.
  • With your problems fixed and a new plan of action to take your business to a whole new level, eCommerce development service providers contribute to making your business a go-to.

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What exclusive services Shopify experts offer in terms of WhatsApp Business?

Shopify is one of the most sought-after B2B businesses in the market today. They offer a plethora of services. Their most important contribution in the field of business is their innumerable service options to choose from. With a free trial offer that covers all kinds of services they offer to pay subscribers, Shopify can demonstrate what your business is missing without trying to squeeze profit. They ensure that you choose them owing to their quality, and your trial experience itself, they claim, is enough for them to give you a glimpse into what your business is capable of becoming.

Shopify experts provide a plethora of services, but the newest addition to their services is that of the WhatsApp business. Making the most out of any given opportunity, Shopify experts have a solid plan for WhatsApp business too. The exclusive services offered by Shopify in WhatsApp are as follows:

  1. Chatbots for most resolutions: Shopify experts go above and beyond to provide the best service, and in terms of WhatsApp integration, the first most important service they provide is that of Chatbots. The AI-generated Chatbots are coded to answer all forms of frequently asked questions. They even offer quick resolutions for common problems that people might complain about. While the Chatbots cannot be used for all forms of resolution and will be forwarded to the customer support executive when the queries go beyond their programming, they do a great job at dealing with most issues. The instant gratification that Chatbots provide customers is one of the main reasons why they’re as popular as they are.
  2. Marketing campaigns: Marketing campaigns can be done in WhatsApp business by collecting the customers’ data with permission. When businesses maintain intimate interpersonal relationships with customers and curate customized services for them on their special days according to the data collected about their preferences, the chances of them choosing your eCommerce platform over others are ultimate. Information about new discounts and offers are, upon Shopify’s advice, offered exclusively to regular customers. These campaigns and rewarding techniques go a long way in winning over customers.
  3. Omnichannel inbox: The Omnichannel inbox offered by Shopify enables quick replies over all social media platforms. While WhatsApp business is exclusively for business, the queries about products and services asked in every platform can be answered in one go through the Omnichannel inbox. Upsell campaigns for enquired products and the innovate marketing campaign for carts that are abandoned are all monitored and sales catalyzed through the Omnichannel inbox. It enables agents of a business to take the carts up from the main application and make checkout seamless through WhatsApp, where the customers can also make payments as and when required with zero hassle.

How does building a list of WhatsApp Business subscribers help in the WhatsApp integration process?

Businesses require extra tips and tricks to succeed over the other equally good businesses in the market. WhatsApp integration processes require enough information to connect and link the business to other eCommerce platforms. WhatsApp Business is an extension to one’s existing eCommerce platform, an additional space to expand the business in. However, with the large number of existing users that WhatsApp already has, sales prospects are higher over WhatsApp. Creating a list of WhatsApp business subscribers can help in the long run in many ways.

  1. The fact of the matter is that of the numerous people who show interest in purchasing products over WhatsApp, only a handful of them actually make the purchase. The ones who make the purchase can be listed separately by the seller, while the ones who visit the store can be asked to subscribe to continue. This subscription is extremely useful because it contains the primary data of all potential customers. The potential customers can be converted to customers through the various tactics that the eCommerce development service providers can advise the businesses with.
  2. The subscribers, with their data, can be analyzed and their needs noted. These needs can then be used as a marketing tactic to attract them into buying the products that they almost bought. Repeated reminders and notifications with attractive offers customized for customers can serve as a marketing strategy with a sure-shot success rate. Customers can only be expected to buy from a business if they’re given their due consideration and special attention. The subscribers are all future customers and a good business development service provider will help convert potential customers into loyal customers in no time.

How does Chatix help to increase sales via WhatsApp Business?

Mostly Shopify store fails at converting random visitors into customers and can’t handle large numbers of user inquiries.

The good news, though, is that if you’re a store owner who never used WhatsApp before for marketing, this integration brings so much order to the chaos of your sales process.

WhatsApp integration on your website through Chatix is a great way to communicate with clients. From the first interaction to regular nurturing via messages, you can chat with your customer using one platform equipped with tools that make the support system seamless for you and your customers.

Just install this app to your Shopify store and let it do the rest of the work through automation.

How to increase sales via WhatsApp Business?

Apart from curating a subscriber list, measures must be taken to increase the number of subscribers. This can be done using simple tricks over WhatsApp.

  • Your subscriber count can be increased via WhatsApp marketing, where exclusive offers can be given to potential customers.
  • Simple games like Spin the wheel with attractive offers at each stage can further pool in more customers.
  • Pop-up offers via WhatsApp can coerce customers into at least checking the business if not buying from them.
  • Customers who check out a product but fail to check out can be targeted via WhatsApp marketing to increase sales.

Shopify experts specialize in offering eCommerce development services for all kinds of businesses. These services can either be customized or general. WhatsApp business being a newbie in the field of eCommerce today, is used to its full potential by Shopify experts. Development service providers can transform the whole aura of a business with their expertise, and seeking their help can change your business for the better. If you are a budding eCommerce entrepreneur looking for ways to use WhatsApp business to your advantage, make full use of eCommerce development services from Shopify or other such B2B businesses and see how high your business soars.

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