Why Offshore Your Web Development Needs?

Why Offshore Your Web Development Needs?

By Softpulse Infotech, January 10th, 2019

Why Offshore Your Web Development Needs?

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Offshoring, or outsourcing work to service providers in other countries is an effective and popular method of cutting down the costs and leveraging the benefit of domain expertise at the same time. Many companies around the world choose the offshore outsourcing option whenever they need to get a work done that is not a part of their core business. For example, if your core business is providing economic advice to your clients, you would not want to waste your time and resources on website development company.

Offshore outsourcing offers great benefits in terms of cost, technical expertise and better quality. It also saves you from developing your own expertise on skills which you can hire easily. Various reports suggest that emerging economies like India, China, Russia and Brazil have the technical know-how, labour, and infrastructure to undertake IT related outsourcing jobs successfully. The tremendous growth of the IT sector of India in the recent times further strengthens this point.

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  • Allows increased focus on core functions while someone else takes care of the non-core functions.
  • Outsourcing allows expansion of market by giving exposure to new areas.
  • When you have limited in-house resources, outsourcing is the best way to complete all essential works.
  • Outsourcing facilitates you to leverage the expertise of others in their particular areas of operation.

Benefits of Offshore Outsourcing:

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  • Reports have shown that there are up to 40% of cost savings as compared to onshore outsourcing.
  • Extensive domain knowledge and expertise possessed by some companies in countries like India ensure you get quality product delivery when it comes to IT products.
  • Utilizing the global talent pool and thus having the best in the field work on your project.
  • The time benefit is maximized by leveraging the time zone difference between the client and the offshore company.
  • Improved competitiveness owing to the delivery of quality services and products at affordable prices by offshore companies. Increased competitiveness promotes increased research, and thus, improved products for the end client.
  • Offshore outsourcing also provides an opportunity to expand in newer markets by banking on the new relations and networks formed in the offshore market.
  • Most importantly, offshore outsourcing allows for a more intense focus on the company’s core functions by outsourcing noncore but essential functions to offshore companies.

While you take the decision to outsource any work offshore, there are several things that should be addressed. Some of them are the experience of the vendor company, fluency in your language, government policies, available infrastructure, and quality of services or products. If there is one country that qualifies on all these parameters, it is India. With supportive government regulations and more than two decade old experience in the field of IT infrastructure, India attracts the most jobs that are outsourced.

Despite being the “Mecca of offshore and outsourcing”, India do has some IT companies that are not at par with global standards. Think wisely while you decide which company to offshore your work to. To leverage the advantage of technical expertise, robust infrastructure and great customer support, contact us for your web development needs!



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