8 Easy and Effective Black Friday Marketing Ideas for 2019

8 Easy and Effective Black Friday Marketing Ideas for 2019

By Softpulse Infotech, November 22nd, 2019

Βlack Friday and Cyber Monday is the biggest shopping event of the year and here you will find all the marketing ideas and it’s very useful for your marketing campaign. If you are an online merchant or a business owner, please read this article till the end. Here we are going to talk about the easy and the most effective Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing ideas for 2019. Check out the best BFCM Shopify apps to help you win Black Friday.

Black Friday is the day after the day of American thanksgiving. The day marks the start of the festive holiday shopping season, so consumer starts their shopping for Christmas. The local shops and online store holders start giving discounts on the products. They try everything they can to attract more and more buyers to their store. For consumers, it becomes the best time to start their shopping. The sale starts on the day of Black Friday and ends on the day of Cyber Monday.

There are many techniques to attract more and more customers in your shop during those days. During the sale season, different marketing campaigns can be designed for each of the four days. The people aspects the great deals from the brands, and brands deliver it by following the great marketing tactics. Let’s discuss the Black Friday marketing techniques that can attract more and more customers to your store.

Offer deals by the hour

Offer a deals

These are some of the great techniques that can attract more customers to your store. The first thing you can do to add a countdown timer to require swift action Customers. The benefits of the countdown timer is for, you can help your customers to decide immediately. Suppose you can start one main offer like 20% off of everything, through all of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, but after sometimes you offer like 30% off for some products, and this is valid only for an hour. This Deal of the hour creates a sense of urgency in the mind of every shopper. For promotion, your “deal of an hour” is to create a website banner for an hour you’ll have a deal so people can plan advanced when to start online shopping.

Now that you have finalized the products for the deal of the hour, it’s time to execute the campaign. The product that is currently in demand will drive maximum sales with this strategy. Every hour a new product sales should be started. And for every product, keep all your social media marketing campaigns ready in advance, and a countdown timer section can add on your social media page. If possible, run deal of the hour campaigns with different products for all 24 hours of Black Friday. During the hour of the deal, market your products extensively all over social media.

Free gift with all purchases

The Black Friday comes next to Thanksgiving day. It provides you with a great opportunity to give away free gifts. The free gifts can attract a huge number of buyers to your website. If you have already decided to run this campaign during Back Friday, let everyone know it. Run an extensive social media ad campaign for it. 

If you cannot provide a free gift with every product, then create this offer with minimum purchase value. Let’s say if you can give a free gift with a minimum cart value of 30$, then run an extensive marketing campaign before the days of Black Friday. And for a free gift, select a product that is lightweight and occupies less space. The small form factor of the product will help you control the shipping costs.

Create the gift ideas

Create the gift ideas

Black Friday is the time when the majority of the buyers are just getting started with their shopping for Christmas. And they will surely buy gifts for their friends, relatives or loved ones. Create a list of the quality products from your store that can be a really good gift idea. Suggest your shoppers a product list for the best gift ideas. The ready-made product list can attract the majority of the shoppers to shop from you.

If you own a Shopify store, create a collection of all the products that you want to feature in this list. The product collection will help you gather all the products in one place. Social media and blog posts can also help you a lot in executing this marketing strategy. Make an attractive list of all the quality products from your online store, and write a blog post for it. Market that blog post on all over social media. Place that post on your website where it is easily visible and accessible.

Create referral programs

The studies have shown that the recommendations or referrals are the most trusted forms of advertising, and the majority of the buyer’s decision rests on someone else’s opinion. If you provide a good product with the referral programs, it can help you a lot in gaining brand loyalty. Create an engaging referral program that can trigger your buyers to participate in it. A smartly designed referral program can help maintain the profitability of your web store, and at the same time, your shoppers can benefit as well.

Create a sense of urgency with your referral program. The expiration of the rewards will drive more and more customers to buy. And with smart use of social media, referral campaigns can help you a lot in creating a strong brand image. Create the hashtags related to your brand. Provide them good rewards or gifts by posting about you on social media. Let your buyers post more and more around your brand on social media. More the buzz on social media, the stronger your brand gets.

Be prepared with your retargeting strategy

Many shoppers may visit your website and leave with an abandoned cart. Maybe they are in search of a better deal than what you are providing. With the right retargeting strategy, you can retarget them in the right way. By running effective ad campaigns and email reminders, you can easily reach out to them. With retargeting, all those shoppers with an abandoned cart can be converted into your buyers.

Extend your Black Friday sale until Cyber Monday

Black Friday Sale
Black Friday Sale

In earlier days, the discounts were just limited to Black Friday. But with the growth of e-commerce, days like Cyber Monday come into existence. Extending your Black Friday sale until Cyber Monday is also a great strategy to drive more sales. On the day of Black Friday, give discounts on the majority of products from your store. But for the remaining three days, you can offer great deals and even create urgency, but still satisfy the need that will be following these days of huge deals and offerings.

Personalized buying experience

The personalized buying experience can help a lot in increasing your sales. 89% of marketers have proclaimed that personalized product list has helped them in improving their sales. For your social media ads, landing page, and email marketing campaigns, the personalized experience can help a lot. A personalized product list can be created as per customer’s previous orders, their search history, and their interests. Implement this strategy on your website, and encounter the good results of it.

Offer a specific exclusive discount

Exclusive Discount

Black Friday marketing strategies often involve discounts. When it comes to e-commerce sales, social media perform a very significant role. And during events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it gets even more essential. Every buyer will be continuously looking for the best discounts, then pick one or more winners and give them a special discount. Always treat them with a special discount.

The final words

With the globalization, events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday has made its way all over the world. It has really influenced the buying habits of the consumer. By providing early access, sneak peek, countdown, and related hashtags can be very helpful in creating buzz around your website. It’s the perfect timing to start prepping for the upcoming sale season. Implement all of these strategies on your website, or implement a tactic that suits best to you.

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