Flutter vs React Native: Which is Best for Your Mobile App in 2024?

Flutter vs React Native: Which is Best for Your Mobile App in 2024?

By Softpulse Infotech, July 28th, 2022

In today’s world, mobile phones have become essential to humans. In recent studies, the large number of mobile users has increased. Mobile phones play a significant role in our daily life through communication, telemedicine, shopping, entertainment, and travel.

Building fully functional apps for Android & iOS needs different platforms, developers, and technology skillset.

The best solution for cross-platform mobile apps: Flutter vs. React Native. Now the point is, Which is best for mobile apps in 2024?

Flutter vs. React native has pros and cons, so choosing one can be very difficult. Today we’ll discuss all their benefits, features, performance, pros & cons, and so on. Let’s get started.

What is Flutter?

Flutter Vs React Native

Flutter is a cross-platform mobile app development platform created by Google. Flutter uses the Dart programming language to provide rich features for building responsive user interfaces.

Best use cases of Flutter

Flutter is the best choice for creating a user interface different from the market. Here are a few points when considering Flutter to build your mobile app.

  • Flutter performance is faster than react Native 
  • Create custom UI & animations
  • Good choice for material design
  • Accessible with complex OS-level features
  • Flexible High-performance plugins

Top mobile apps built with Flutter

Flutter Vs React Native

Flutter is an easy & fast to make innovative, attractive, high-performing mobile app for both android & ios platforms. Here is a list to choose between Flutter vs. react native, which is best.

Google Ads: 

Google ads apps help you manage campaigns, edit ads, live alerts, real-time bidding, and support.


Alibaba is a wholesale marketplace eCommerce app for global trade. You can access a wide range of products from verified suppliers.

Crypto Price Tracker:

Track all cryptocurrencies, history, and performance, including bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Binance Coin, etc.

What is React Native?

Flutter Vs React Native

React Native is a popular open-source mobile development framework created by Facebook. React Native uses the Javascript programming language to ship faster and smooth native apps. React Libraries and Frameworks to Use

Best use cases of React Native

For the best use case between Flutter vs. react native, developers always choose React Native as it delivers powerful performance to app development.

  • Simple cross-platform apps for both ios & Android
  • User-friendly UI
  • Easy-to-reuse components
  • High-efficiency responsive app

Top mobile apps built with React Native

Flutter Vs React Native

React Native is the trending framework for creating cross-platform mobile apps that work on Android & iOS devices. Check out the app list.


The origin of react native is Facebook, and this popular social media platform builds its app in react native framework.


Instagram is another trending social media, photo & video sharing app built using react Native. The app is a simple UI. Push notifications and scrolling effects are quick to respond.


Airbnb is a famous application for travelers. You can easily book or find home rentals around the world.

Pros and cons of Flutter vs. React Native.

Flutter Vs React Native

Pro of Flutter:

  • Using the same code, flutter apps save time and are built faster than other mobile apps.
  • Hot reloading features make bug resolution simple without losing the application state.
  • Fully customizable with creating new widgets or using existing ones available on the dashboard.
  • User-friendly Android & ios app widgets can be personalized to match the branding of any mobile application.
  • Integrate with java and Swift or Objective C for Android & ios means does not require rewriting the code.

Con of Flutter:

  • The app takes up lots of space & takes too much to install.
  • Frequently Update framework & Dart coding language.
  • Getting performance issues with lower-level system devices.

Pro of React Native:

  • Directly add new codes into the live application with hot reloading.
  • Provides access to all native platform capabilities, such as push notifications and GPS.
  • React Native apps can be developed much quicker than traditional cross-platform apps by reusing the code.
  • Quickly learn, and the active tribe of developers is always willing to solve problems and suggestions.
  • Using one codebase to develop applications for both android & ios devices together rather than separately.

Con of React Native:

  • A few components don’t work for all platforms, which can be time-consuming for developers.
  • Doesn’t multi-processing, which causes slow performance as compared to Flutter.
  • It takes more time to debug and is problematic to edit.

Flutter vs. React Native: Which is best in 2024?

Flutter Vs React Native

Flutter vs. React Native each platform has pros and cons, but the main thing is which is best for Android and iOS.

Flutter is the best choice for small businesses with less budget for value-rich features. React Native is the leading framework for cross-platform applications for developing big projects like Facebook and Instagram. Each platform has benefits, so you choose the platform according to your requirements.

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