Shopify Progressive Web App: Why it is Important to Grow Business

Shopify Progressive Web App: Why it is Important to Grow Business

By Softpulse Infotech, September 28th, 2020

The improvements in mobile technology have made mobiles the most important part of our lifestyle. We are highly reliant on mobile devices. They are affecting our daily buying habits too. 67% of ecommerce conversions are coming from mobile devices. The Progressive Web App is the best way to attract mobile sales.

The Progressive Web App is a new concept. Many experts are calling it the future of mobile apps & web design. Several business organizations and brands are also moving towards this trend. And many of them have seen better results with it. So, in this article, we will discuss why the progressive web app is the future of the mobile app. Let’s start with a brief discussion regarding the progressive web app. And we will also discuss its importance in the other part of this article. Want to build a custom Shopify app and web? Contact Softpulse Infotech, the top Shopify app development company.

Progressive Web App: What are they?

pwa for shopify

Google formally announced this concept in 2015. And then Microsoft also supported it. And since then, many giant brands have adopted PWA for their business. Giants like Twitter, Forbs, Flipkart, and many others have adopted the concept. The PWA for Shopify is also introduced.

The Progressive Web App is a type of application software that can deliver to the users’ devices through the app. They are just regular websites tweaked to deliver the experience like a native mobile app. Any ordinary website converted into a PWA will look, feel, and behave exactly like a mobile app.

In the other part of the article, we will discuss why Shopify PWA is important for all eCommerce store owners.

PWA apps come with intuitive capabilities

The progressive web app comes with exclusive new benefits. It offers incredible capabilities for shoppers as well as businesses. Below are a few intuitive capabilities offered by PWA Shopify apps.

  • The PWA apps loads at lightning-fast speeds.
  • PWA for Shopify eCommerce helps store owners decrease their abandoned cart rates.
  • Positive impact on bounce rate.
  • PWA apps are linkable & shareable.
  • They also get indexed by Google.
  • The positive impact will be visible on the SEO rankings too.
  • The website icon will be added to the home screen of the users.
  • The website can work in offline mode too.
  • The users are no required to go through the app store’s download and update cycles. They can access your app simply by typing the website URL.
  • Shopify Progressive Web App requires very low data and is very light
  • As the PWA apps are accessible directly through The browser URL. businesses are not required to go through the strict app submission guidelines of Apple & Google.
  • Due to their high speed, better performance, and light nature, they can work perfectly low specification mobile phones.

Your shoppers deserve a better experience in mobile

pwa for shopify

Mobiles are emerging as the most beneficial tool for businesses. If mobile users are treated right, they can generate the highest conversions. If you have seen your website’s analytics, you may have witnessed the highest traffic from mobile devices.

And to convert all those prospects into customers, you need to deliver a better experience. The eCommerce is shifting slowly towards Mcommerce. And the PWA is emerging as the best tool to drive engagement, conversion, and sales.

Some of the big brands getting great results from the PWA


This is the eCommerce giant from India. After switching to Progressive Web App, Flipkart’s website has witnessed immense improvements. The website consumes 3 times less data while loading. The re-engagement rate has increased by 40%. And total conversions have seen a boost of 70%.


This social media giant does not need an introduction. Despite having a robust mobile app, they converted their website into PWA. And the bounce rate of their site dropped by 20%. Their per-page session increased to 65%. And they witnessed a massive hike of 75% in Tweets.


Forbes is a well-known American business magazine. Their website also holds considerable visitors. They decided to switch to PWA. And the results were fascinating. The website started to load only in 0.8 seconds. They witnessed a 43% increase in sessions. And the engagement increased to 100%.

A freeway to switch to Shopify Progressive Web App

Let’s mention our Shopify PWA app. To help the businesses, we created a free Shopify app named PWA ‑ iOS & Android Mobile App. The PWA Shopify app comes with all the benefits mentioned above of the PWA. The website will load faster, positively impacting the bounce rate, SEO benefits, offline capabilities, etc.

And we have also included in-depth device-wise analytics. It will help you track your website performance. If you are a Shopify store owner, this Shopify Progressive Web App is a must-try. And above all, the app is free. Feel free to give it a try for once.


For any eCommerce owners, mobile users are becoming very crucial. It’s high time to attract them with a better web experience. The Progressive Web App is proven to deliver great results regardless of the eCommerce platform. And remember to check out our free Shopify PWA app. I hope you now understand the importance of PWA. Thanks for reading till the end!

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