About PWA ‑ iOS & Android Mobile App

This is a PWA Shopify app that converts your ordinary website into a Shopify progressive web app. This helps you deliver the fast, stable, and superior experience of shopping on mobile devices.

Why do you need a PWA website in the first place?

Well, the Progressive Web Apps are designed to deliver the native mobile apps like performance on mobile devices. Installing Shopify PWA App will convert your ordinary website into an experience that seems and behaves exactly like a native app. Here are a few key benefits.

  • Lightning-fast website speed & performance
  • Decrease bounce rate
  • Decrease abandoned cart rate
  • Higher speeds mean SEO rankings
  • Experience of shopping that your shoppers desire
  • Overall higher engagement, conversion, and sales

Top features of PWA ‑ iOS & Android Mobile App

The PWA for Shopify app comes with all the range of diverse features. Here are a few of the leading ones.

01. The app is free to use

PWA ‑ iOS & Android Mobile App is a complete free Shopify app. Get all the benefits of PWA without paying a penny.

02. Cache & pre-cache settings that work perfectly

The PWA ‑ iOS & Android Mobile App comes with Cache & Pre-cache settings ensuring the best performance of the app.

03. In-depth device type-wise analytics

Track your performance of your PWA like a pro with easy to understand & track in-depth analytics that includes numbers & graphs too.

04. The PWA apps work offline too

The PWA ‑ iOS & Android Mobile App lets you set offline pages too. This functionality can also be leveraged.

05. How to install steps given for Android & iOS.

The PWA ‑ iOS & Android Mobile App is always there to guide the store owners. Install the app easily for Android & iOS with the simple steps given.

06. Priority support that you can rely on

The team of Softpulse Infotech has always got your back. For any queries related to the app, the priority support will always be there.

Hear the awesome people who have used our app.

I love this app! In the midst of preparing my website for mobile users and with little to no coding experience, I needed PWA for iOS and Android that could be created with ease and minimal fuss. This app does it all and will get you 100% on PWA installable and PWA optimized. Confirmed by the integrated Lighthouse performance section of the app.

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The app is working great! I tried different PWA Shopify apps and this is the best one. Also, customer support is awesome. I had an inquiry and in less than 24 hours they contacted me back with a solution. I would totally recommend this app it has all the 3 great factors: works great, awesome customer service, and is easy to use!!!


The app is more than wonderful , i am surprised that the app is free.
i am very happy to use this app ... Thanks to the developers for this wonderful technology , My rate for you more than 10 stars & i recommend everyone to use it.
Best regards.



What is the use of PWA?

Progressive Web App (PWA) converts your ordinary Shopify website into a web app. The website will look, feel, and behave exactly like a mobile app. Users can even add an app icon on the home screen of their smartphone. The additional features like working offline and push notifications also come along the way.

Is PWA the future?

Yes, experts are describing PWA as the future of the mobile app. Without the hassles of app store downloads & updates, the users can access your app through the app icon or by simply typing URL in the browser.

What is the difference between Web App and Progressive Web App?

Web apps mean all ordinary websites. And Progressive Web App means websites that are specially customized to deliver the performance like the native mobile apps and also possess the flexibility of ordinary websites. Without downloading the app, the users will experience the same through browsers.

How are PWA apps helping my business?

The Progressive Web App makes your ordinary Shopify website look, feel, and behave exactly like a native mobile app. It improves website performance, decreases bounce rate, decreases abandoned cart rate, and overall sales of the store improve.

How different will my store look after installing PWA ‑ iOS & Android Mobile App?

Well, the store will look as is, but the performance of the website will improve. The Shopify PWA app will improve the overall shopping experience.

How will PWA ‑ iOS & Android Mobile App help with SEO?

For SEO, the website speed & bounce rate are a few of the most prominent ranking factors. And PWA Shopify app is improving both of them. So with the Progressive Web App, the SEO ranking comes along the way.

If I find any difficulty, how can I get support from the team?

The team has got your back for all the difficulties, feel free to contact at any time. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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