Why Ultimate Scarcity Pro ?
  • Count down timer are extremely effective to generate scarcity to inspire visitors to purchase as soon as possible before a product becomes unavailable.
  • Customize the look of your countdown timer by choosing from multiple styles and templates. Display immediately, after a set period of time, on a page’s bottom or top or below add to cart button.
  • With Ultimate Scarcity Pro timer, you can develop and implement a wide range of scarcity building solutions with just a few clicks.
  • Ultimate Scarcity allows you to display your real stock levels to show visitors that they should act quickly before they miss out.

Multiple countdown templates

Select timer template - customize it as per your theme view / design and create urgency for visitors to BUY more products immediate

Attractive inventory bar

Set stock bar and encourage customers to hurry and buy before stock runs out. Many customization options to make it more suitable with store

Options to customize timer

Set heading text, colour, and discount code to display with timer and bar. Coupon code with timer will increase scarcity

Customize your Shopify Ultimate Scarcity Pro

The strategy is carried forward to build a perfect eCommerce solution that fulfills your need.

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  • 1

    Countdown Timer

    Countdown timer type - There are options for your timer based on a specific date and time. This will hide when it expires or it'll auto reset when it comes to expire.

  • 2

    Stock bar & timer

    Stock bar customization - You have the option to set a different coloured stock bar at different levels of stock.

  • 3

    Social Proof

    Display a widget on product detail page, With total number of visitors on a particular product page, total number of sold quantities & number of times the product added to cart

  • 4

    Discount or Stock running out bar for cart items

    You can display a message per line item added in cart for sale running out or discount code is going to be expire soon with timer.

  • 5

    Cart reservation bar

    There will be a bar on top of cart with a cart reservation message & a timer to expire cart. You can set weather to empty the cart upon time expiry or to keep items as it is in customer's cart.

  • 6

    Sales Pop

    Display recent sales popup - notifications to store visitors. with so many customization options

What our users are saying

Have been looking for this everywhere! I really enjoy using this and i hope to see if it works. Hopefully it boosts my sales


great app really like it lets me do three things in one and add some got stuff to my pages everyone

Golden Bodies Lifestyle

Nice app, easy to install and use. Superb. Thanks so much for those who made this app available. :)

Hyper Haus

Good application to start because very self explanatory. Very complete app because you can use this app to do different things.