• If customer who added products in his/her wishlist but do not purchase, will get email notifications for wishlist items at some time interval - Daily, Monthly or Weekly based on settings.
  • Customizable email formats for Wishlist reminder email & Product goes for sale email.
  • App will send an email to customer with product along with content you set when a particular item goes on sale
  • Customers can see total number of other customers who have added particular product in their wishlist
  • Easy to use admin panel, with Products and Users list
  • Add to wishlist and remove from wishlist with different attractive heart shape icon

About Wishlist + Share + Reminder

Auto Wishlist Reminder

Allow customers to add product to their WISHLIST & auto reminder email for wishlist products. Set daily, weekly, monthly auto reminder.

Create urgency by total wishes

Number of total other users who have same product in their WISHLIST which shows current demand of product in store audience.

Share wishlist with others

Feature to share wish list with friends & family and no login required to view or add items to wishlist.

Customize your Wishlist + Share + Reminder

The strategy is carried forward to build a perfect eCommerce solution that fulfills your need.

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What our users are saying

5 STAR all the way for this amazing app. The app is definitely underpriced. I love the fact that I can customize the email message! Thank you! :)


We requested a number of tweaks when we first started using this app on our store and they have some of the best support responses times we have seen!

Theatre Geek Apparel

Works perfect, attractive appearance, excellent customer, low cost. I highly recommend this App!