The Best Shopify Apps to Control the Operating Costs While COVID-19 Crises

The Best Shopify Apps to Control the Operating Costs While COVID-19 Crises

By Softpulse Infotech, April 3rd, 2020

The Best Shopify Apps to Control the Operating Costs While COVID-19 Crises

The world is going through one of the deadliest diseases of all time. Our generation is facing such a situation for the first time in life. The Coronavirus outbreak has disrupted the business sector. The lockdowns due to the outbreak have placed a big question mark on the future of all the small scale and mid-sized online & offline retailers.

The people are afraid of going out. They are only buying life-essential groceries and medical supplies. And no one knows how long the crisis will continue. The supply chain management of the eCommerce business is also disrupted. The merchants are facing a lot of difficulty in maintaining the stocks and delivering the products through their shipping partners.

Hence to help Shopify merchants survive through this situation, we have prepared this blog post. Here we will be discussing a few of the best Shopify apps that can help you deliver ultimate functionalities for shoppers while also keeping the operating costs low. Even Shopify is also encouraging the merchants to start online business post Covid 19. Several of these apps have extended their free trial period hence merchants can enjoy free functionalities for a longer time period. Let’s discuss each of these apps one by one.

WhatsApp Chat + Cart Recovery

The Best Shopify Apps

The users are getting bored at home. The usage of WhatsApp and all other social apps is on the rise. If your website has the WhatsApp chat button on the website, it can create engagement across the user. This app creates the WhatsApp live chat button on your website. The customers can solve their queries directly through WhatsApp. There is also an option to recover the abandoned cart by creating special discounts and sending the message manually or automatically. 

There is also an option of WhatsApp sharing. Through this functionality, users can directly share your products using WhatsApp hence they will be your promoters. And due to the outbreaks of Coronavirus, the creators of this app have extended the free trial period of this app to thirty days. Hence the merchants can leverage the functionalities provided by this app till a month.

Bold Upsell ‑ Upsell Smarter

The Best Shopify Apps

The upsell is one of the best ways to deliver more to the buyers and generate more sales & revenue. This app from Bold Commerce comes with the best upsell features. You create a custom upsell offers popup to sell the better item in the package with the better deals. The app features funnels by creating multiple upsell offers and displays them according to the behavior of the user. 

The app from Bold has all the functionalities to create the best up-sell funnels and offers. The app is already praised by thousands of store owners. And with the 1200+ five-star ratings, one of the best Shopify apps to create an up-sell offer so far. Head on to the Shopify store and download this app to create the best Shopify up-sell offers.

Notifier ‑ Smart Web Push

The Best Shopify Apps

At the time of Coronavirus outbreaks, the web push notifications are a great tool to keep your subscribers engaged. The Notifier – Smart Web Push can come in handy to implement such functionality for your Shopify store. The Shopify app created by Softulse Infotech comes with the whole new functionalities for the web-push notification. The app can send web push notifications for the several events of the eCommerce.

Apart from the customized notification as per the needs of the business, the app has several notifications already prepared to send during the various events of eCommerce. The app also is segments users automatically which helps in running the customized marketing campaign. And the cost of the premium plan of the app is also reduced to 50%. Which is great for Shopify merchants. And the app is completely free to use till 1000 impressions and unlimited subscribers count, download the app NOW!!

Shopney ‑ Mobile App

The Best Shopify Apps

To attract the masses, just having a website is not enough. You also need a fully-fledged mobile app solution to attract users. This app helps you create a mobile app by integrating your Shopify store with the mobile app. The app can be created for iOS as well as Android smartphones. The app also has a variety of themes to select the best layout suits for your business.

With the dashboard, you can design the homepage of the app with easy drag and drop functionality. No coding or web designing skills needed. The app synchronizes with your Shopify store, hence no need for manual data entry. And with the availability of features of order tracking, push notification, abandoned cart notification, back in stock notification, and several more, the app is just perfect for the Shopify store owners. And with the pandemic of Covid-19, the free trial period is extended to 30 days. Helping you in reducing the cost of business operations. Try this app NOW!!!

Quick View by Secomapp

The Best Shopify Apps

As the name suggests, the app gives a quick view of the products without reloading the whole website. The shoppers can view the products without leaving the collection page. Which ends up delivering a faster experience to the users. The products can be directly added to the cart from the quick view pop-up. It helps merchants increase conversion rates too.

The app is easy to set up and customizable. The layout of the quick view button and pop-up can be customized to the way business needs. The products can be added to the cart with just one click. And the functionality of promotional bar, guarantee label, and add to cart button at collection page boosts conversion and sales too. And with the consideration of Covid-19 outbreaks, the creators of the app have made this app completely for the next 6 months.

PWA ‑ iOS & Android Mobile App

The Best Shopify Apps

The PWA (Progressive Web Apps) is the type of apps that works for all kinds of operating systems. They provide the looks and feel of the native apps and are the most reliable, fastest, and engaging. The functionality of the PWA is the future of mobile apps. This Shopify app helps you deliver the functionality of PWA apps for your business. The app delivers the lightning-fast page load speeds integrated with the caching resources like images, Javascript, and CSS.

The Shopify app offers a customized app with the splash screen & logo. The app also offers cache & pre-cache settings. The performance can also be tracked using the analytics available with device wise numbers and graphs. There are also installation steps for Android and iOS. And the priority support from the developers of the app is always there. And by considering the Covid-19 crises, the app is available for free on the Shopify store.

Personalized Recommendations

The Best Shopify Apps

As the name of the app suggests, it helps you create personalized offers and recommendations to users. The app lets you showcase personalized product recommendations, related products, frequently bought together products, and recently viewed products. The app helps you increase sales smartly using upsell & cross-selling of products. 

The app offers widgets for recommendations, you may like products, frequently bought together products, top-selling products, and featured products. There is also a feature of email recommendations. All these features increase engagement with website visitors. The performance can also be tracked with the in-depth analytics provided by the app. And the app is reducing your monthly app bills for at least the next 2 months use coupon code “WESUPPORTYOU“. Download the free version of the app NOW!!

Spin Wheel to Win‑ Spin a Sale

The Best Shopify Apps

This app is the best way to build your email list and engage customers on your website. With the popup of the spin wheel, the customers can get amazing discounts. And in the attempt of getting discounts, the users would not hesitate to enter their email id. The best way to build your email list so far. The popup appears during the exit intent and when the user tries to close the window. 

Such features help you increase engagement and conversion on your website. The app also offers in-depth analytics to track your performance of sales & conversion through the app. The email list built with this app can be used for several other marketing purposes too. The app is reducing your monthly app bills for at least the next 2 months use coupon code “WESUPPORTYOU“. The app is completely free to use for 500 monthly pop-ups. Download the app from the Shopify store NOW!!

Wishlist + Share + Reminder

The Best Shopify Apps

In this difficult time of covid-19 crises, the users are finding hard times in buying life essentials. Hence the majority of the users may not be able to buy items from your store. And as a store owner, you also may not be able to deliver products due to a shortage of goods or shipping problems. But here we present a better way to engage with the users.

Attract users to create a wishlist. Instead of buying products, attract users to create a wishlist. And when the situation gets better, the users can buy their wish-listed products. The app provides the functionality to create the wishlist. And merchants can also send a daily, weekly, or monthly wishlist reminder email to users. The app also shows the current demand for products by calculating the number of users with the same products. And the users can share their Wishlist with their friends and family too. Download the app NOW!!

The final words

Ecommerce businesses are going through the toughest times. The supply chain of the business is completely disrupted. The crises will take a while to pass. Until then, such apps can help you survive the situation. Leverage all the functionalities provided by these apps, and achieve the maximum engagement from your buyers. Put this difficult time to good use and work remotely from your home and get the best results for your business.

The Softpulse Infotech also stands by all Shopify merchants. Here is our blog post on how Softpulse Infotech helps merchants during the Covid-19 crises. All of our services are continued and fully operational. For any queries and business inquiries please get in touch with us at



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