Why send text messages?

In the era of internet, emails, voice calls, video calls, social apps, why SMS?


Higher open rates than email

Each and every text message will be displayed in the notification tray. With engaging initial lines, the highest open rates can be generated.

Higher conversions

The users engage better with SMS. Studies have shown that text messages have increased conversion rates than any other marketing channel.

Extensive reach

Apart from all other forms of marketing, SMS has the highest reach. Unlike emails, the users will get notification of each text message.


The key features of the Global SMS Notifier App

Today SMS Notifier is being used to deliver all sorts of information to app users and is perceived to be more trustworthy, these key features help you a lot.

It's global

As the name of the app suggests, it can deliver SMS notifications globally. No matter how far your customer is, the app will let them know your message.

Helps you recover abandonment cart

The app lets you send multiple messages multiple times with customizable templates. Hence the change of conversion increases.

Avoid fraud with order verification through SMS

In the digital age, the number of fake orders is increasing every day. With Global SMS Notifier App, you can confirm every order through SMS.

Let them know, their order is being confirmed

The shoppers can be guided about the current status of their orders. The order confirmation notification can be sent with each confirmed order.

Give SMS on order fulfillment & tracking

The shoppers can be guided on each step of their order. The order confirmation, shipping, tracking, fulfillment, and many more notifications can be sent.

Order cancelation & refund notifications

The customer can also be informed about their order confirmation or refund notification through the SMS. Nurture them at each step.

What Our Customer Says!

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I loved the app, it helps me in updating my customers on their recent orders and keep them updated on the status.

t3rks Products & Services

great application and prompt support, i wanted such features long time ago as i have COD orders, thanks


Prompt support. They fixed few issues right away. Hope app improves even more in future. Useful cod verification sms feature.

Nutrimed Healthcare

Screenshots Of App

These screenshot helps you to better understand how to use Global SMS Notifier.

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